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The teachers are very thorough and considerate about each student's learning level. The administrators also care and make sure that each individual student is given their best shot at an outstanding education.
Overall a fine school. Not outstanding, not extremely bad either. Wasn’t very competitive, never really felt challenged.
As a parent I am was very pleased with the education my children received.
I loved the school spirit and the fact that every child felt like they belong. I feel as a parent (and my children agree) that the school was the most welcoming place imaginable. I only wish the school had more money for the buildings.
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Not a very good academic system. Easy classes, inflated grades. It doesn’t offer a challenge and isn’t that competitive
I have enjoyed my experience at Coloma High School. The teachers are nice, there is plenty of clubs and activities, and the food is very good. We also have machine tool, drafting, auto, and welding classes, something that almost no public schools offer nowadays. All subjects were taught well and if you wanted, you can take online classes or dual enrollment courses for increased academic flexibility. Put simply, it is a good school and I am happy to attend here.
Average teachers teaching average things. Doesn't get much better or worse then here. The best part is RTI on Tuesdays and Thursdays which help kids that are struggling in classes. Also, the alternating two-hour delay on Wednesdays is nice because sometimes it's good to just have a break.
My experience has been very good. I am involved and feel I am getting a good education. The faculty are almost always there to help a struggling student, and the school even offers peer tutoring for those students that need. They always want you to be involved in more things within the school.
I love being a comet. Our school has great spirit. We also have great access to resources we need. It’s a great school
In Coloma, everyone knows each other. Even if you don’t talk to them or consider them a friend, you know who they are. I like how everyone comes together to help each other out in time of need or just to be kind. The teachers are always there if you need them and you have grown up with most of your peers since elementary school, so it’s basically like one big family.
Coloma has a very nice renovated fine arts wing, along with a new cafeteria and auditorium. There could be some improvements made, but overall it provides a decent education.
Coloma High School has a lot of great teachers. Most of them care about their students and their grades. But the principles of Coloma High School don't care about enforcing punishment on both of the students that are in the wrong. They blame one child and suspend them for too many days. They don't enforce the Anti-bullying policy at all and they're too worried about the kids that have out their cellphones in class for 2 seconds. They also only enforce the dress code on the girls who are bigger, if that girl is wearing a crop top or shorts, they will immediately tell them to call home or go home, but if the girl was smaller in stature they would ignore it immediately. It's honestly ridiculous. Coloma High School in my opinion is a Caucasian school only. The principles are noticeably racist against the minority students and that's not fair either
Academically, Coloma High School was very good for my education. However, the extracurricular activities were subpar and the school politics made it difficult to enjoy the high school experience.
Coloma isn't the best, but it brought out the best in me.
Coloma isn't all gold. It's green as well. Without this place i wouldn't be able to control myself or my life. It's not the perfect place but to Blake Williams, it's home.
Not only the faculty but the students themselves participate to make any event fun and exciting.
The parents of my school mates are very supportive, they will go above and beyond for not just their kid but the whole team. For instance they will do snack and drink days for the players and each parent takes a turn on bringing something in for the kids.
Out of the five teachers that I have three out of the five go above and beyond for us students, the reason why I put "It's great" is because even though the other two don't the three that do make up for it.
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My high school experience has been great so far. I see students everyday, and they are all nice students. I enjoy when freshman ask me for help finding a class, because I am happy to help everyone.
Teachers at my school are magnificent. They all do their best to transfer their knowledge to the student. If the student needs extra help, the teachers will give up their planning period, their lunch, and time before and after school to ensure success among their students.
Bullying does happen occasionally in the school, but as soon as someone notices it is stopped.
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