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CA has a larger population of troubled children with behavior issues than any other school in the county. This detracts from the teachers being able to teach. The parent organization (PAVE) was also concerning, as countless hours of volunteerism were given by my family and no acknowledgement or appreciation of our efforts was noted. Solid core values are taught and they have good intentions, but not a place to put your child if they are a "high flier" or on the high end of the academic curve. They are too busy dealing with violent behavioral outbursts to truly tailor any learning to kids who are above average. We were also promised a 15:1 ratio in the classroom but that is creative advertisement. Kindergarten has two teachers in the class, but that drops off quickly with subsequent grades. Most days, there was only one teacher in the class. You are not truly receiving two solid working teachers in the classroom for 8 hours.
I attended Cologne Academy 3rd through 8th grade and enjoyed it thoroughly. The teachers were dedicated to the success of their students, I always felt challenged, and the student culture was a pleasure to be apart of due to the attraction of high achieving students. Academics are a definitely priority here, as they should be, however their extracurricular activities offered have grown tremendously since my graduation as evidenced by the new gym and stage.
This school has exceeded our expectations on so many levels. The teachers are amazing and genuinely care about the students as individuals. Communication with teachers and administration is thoroughly and intentional. The kids have opportunities in arts, language and sports at a young age. It also feels like a community. Family fun nights, expo nights, grandparents day, fundraisers, all pro dads and all star Mom mornings to name a few of the many initiatives to create an educational community. I can’t speak highly enough about this school that we’ve been part of for 6 years and 4 kids.
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We went to this school for four years. Overall, it was ok. Communication with teachers was terrible and some were really rude. My son had a really hard time at this school and trying to communicate with the school was about as effective as trying to communicate with the Mother Ship to land on the planet Earth. Their academics is very good and I like that they work hard on core virtues. However, they need to be more open to constructive criticism. They preach a lot about "good communication" with parents but seem to resent us when we try to communicate.
This school is overall a great school!
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