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Colman-Egan High School Reviews

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The school was amazing. The gym and sports teachers were friendly and supportive, and the STEM teachers tried to help us learn. The guidance counselor was also helpful.

The problem I have with it is that the students are rarely disciplined for extreme action. Bullying and heckling are common.

Other than that, I recommend the school.
I do not really have much to say about these. Our school is safe and since I have been here we have only had one lockdown because of a near by school.
Besides math and FACS classes, the teachers are there to help you with about anything. Even if you need help in other classes they will try their hardest. Some teachers are even there for you for out of school issues weather it is at home or work or you are just in need of help for college.
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The teachers care about everybody, they do not let kids fail unless the kid has made it clear they don't care at all. The teachers stick to the curriculum and change it to suit our needs.
There are sports and the sports get budgets and a lot of attention. When it comes to the arts the school doesn't care. They could really use a better arts program for the students who do not do sports.
This school really cares about weather you are they and there on time. They care about you and your family. The community is a huge part of our school. We all care about helping people and fundraising. We all know when to be quiet or to be silly and have fun. The best part about this school is all the activities and experiences you get to have just for being a student. From clubs to prom to dances and movie nights. We have a blast, and they truly make it a special year for the seniors!
The principle is great. The guidance counselor leaves a lot to be desired.
It is a small school with limited resources
there are very few non sports related extracurricular activities.
The teachers are friendly and helpful for the most part but do not force kids to their full potential and ther fore many kids struggle when attending college .
You will probably feel pressure to fit in with the other kids, like you would at any other school. I feel as if our school is better than it used to be at accepting things. A lot of the kids at our school have been together their whole life, so i think we do a good job at involving others when they come here. Some students are more narrow minded than others, but that's the way it works.
The school food will get you by, but it will not fill you up. I find myself bringing my lunch more often or bringing food to snack on. It is alright for school food, but nothing out of the ordinary. We do receive awards on how healthy our school food is though.
Our dress code seems moderate, but it does have it's restrictions, which I think is a good thing. You cannot wear shorts that do not approach your finger tips and you cannot have holes in your jeans. They also want you to wear a cover if you have a strapless shirt or dress on. Attendance is also improving and we have more strict rules this year, as we have a new principal.
For being a small school, I think we have excellent athletic department. We just received new volleyball uniforms this year and new boys basketball, girls basketball and football uniforms last year. They like to make us look up to date and look our best to represent our school. Our gym is wonderful with plenty of room and even a big video board under one of the score boards. Every team that I have been a part of seems very close. We always have each others back and do what is best for our team.
If I could do it all over again, I would definitely go to this school again. I usually feel welcome and when new kids come, they seem to like it. We have a small setting so it isn't hard to get to know people. You also can have more one on one time with teachers because you have smaller classes. In high school, some of my favorite memories include being involved in sports, homecoming, and many of the other activities I am involved in. Anytime I am with my class, I seem to make wonderful memories that I will never forget.
I would like to see more advanced math classes offered at my high school. You can take AP classes online as well as other online classes like Medical Terminology. I think we offer a good set of general courses, but don't have very many in depth courses. Some of the prerequisites have changed now that some of the other teachers have left. Being eligible to play sports if you have a failing grade is also getting harder.
This year, my school installed new security cameras and will not allow anyone in the building until they are visually confirmed. Our lunches have taken lunch awards for healthy lunches the past couple years for South Dakota. It is also handicapped accessible and we seem to have a lot of kids with different types of disabilities in our elementary for a small school. I always feel safe every time I am in the school.
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Over the years, we have had poor enforcement of punishment. Students could get away with wearing nasty clothing and ditching school. and the teachers and parents knew about this. We used to not drug sweeps either. Once we got a new principle we have failing class rules and tardy consequences along with a certain amount of absences means you don't get credit for that quarter.
The teachers at this school do try to engage as much students as possible. Alot of kids do prefer our Fellow Christian Athletes group for the game night and free food. This does create a good bond, unfortunately they don't take the messages that come with it. as for other groups, there not a wide variety of students to encourage joining different activities.
My school has never been one to encourage excellence in different kinds of people. Although they do take football and basketball seriously, they are very judgmental and lack the sense of confidence in the school, let alone their children or family. The school spirit here would be poor.
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