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I had a great high school experience. I love the family atmosphere that Collinwood high school provides to their students, but there are some things that I would change. I feel that it does not prepare students for college in the ways that are essential. We also were not taught how to manage time well on test and did not have ACT prep. Resulting low ACT scores. Therefore, students are not able to get the scholarships they need to pay for college, so many do not get to attend the college they want. Some have to go straight into the workforce depriving them of a great education. Overall, Collinwood High School is a great place to go for a loving atmosphere, but lacks essential qualities.
Collinwood High School is a place I truly call my home. The environment is welcoming, and because of the small community it feels like everyone is family. The students, faculty, and staff always look out for each other, and it's a great place to earn your high school diploma.
I switch to this school last year and they took and treated my sister and myself like they knew us all of our life. I was in a bad wreck Jan. of this year luck to have survive it. My family and I we still live in the same place as we have when I went to the other school. Not one of my so called friends from the other school that I went and played ball with all my life called checked or anything about me. But the students, teachers and people from the community that we didn't even know or meet was checking on me. They came over to my house after I got out many of times to visit which is about 45 min. drive. The morning after the wreck I was have surgery the principal came up to the hospital to check on me. Which was a 2 hours from the school. They sent cards, baskets of goodies, and visit me in the hospital. No one from my old school did anything not even a call. The teachers are great at get and help seniors doing the things that needs to be do for college and graduation.
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I absolutely love the size of my school. My graduating class has an approximate total of 73 students and we are all very friendly to each other. The teachers really care about success for their students. If we ever need help, on assignments, we can always count on our classmates or our teachers for assistance. The only thing I do not like about my school is the school spirit. Playing three sports, it gives me a lot of confidence to have a huge crowd cheering you on all the way to success, but seeing how we lack school spirit our games are always quiet and dull and not as exciting as they should be. I've attended the Collinwood schools all of my life and I am very pleased to call myself a collinwood trojanettee.
I've been attending schools in Collinwood since fifth grade and i've had an overall good experience at Collinwood High School.
I very much liked the small hometown vibe. You knew your teachers on a personal level and they were there to see you succeed!
My favorite thing about Collinwood High School would have to be the people around me because they are the kindest people I know.
I'm currently enrolled in CHS as a sophomore. I enjoy the school and how the teachers teach, but i think there is a problem with bullies as well as drugs and tobacco. I would like to see a change in those two things.
During my time at Collinwood High School I had the pleasure of meeting all different types of techers. Young, old, smart, not so smart, mean and kind, but they all had one thing on their mind, the students. They all cared for us like we were their own children and they treated us as such. I liked this for many reasons but there were also reasons I didn't like it. The treachers picked their favorites, like many other schools, and some weren't as lucky to be among those chosen. I'd liked to see that changed in any way possible, as to give everyone an equal chance.
Only student involvement is faculty chooses the students.
Your classes are given to you, very few choices.
They are a few teachers that go beyond what they have to. Most of them it is just a payday.
Only certain parents are involved in school activities and they work at the school.
They have policies but hardly ever use them depending on who it is. Small town government.
Only certain student get to these opportunities. All the student are not accepted.
We are known for being a competitive school. Our sports teams try there hardest to play the best to there ability. The school spirit is very high. We always support them and what they do! CHS is a very loyal and dedicated school to sports but grades come first here. We have many after school activities to promote physical health. Currently we have forever fit which is a free after school program funded by a group to help lower diabetes. We run, walk, play games, lift weights, and just about anything else you can imagine! Another activity that takes place is a 4-H funded program called Healthy living which teaches students all about eat healthy and how to be active.
At my school bullying is not tolerated. It will immediately be handled and those accused will have dentition for the first affiance. If there are personal safety concerns the principle will take action in trying to avoid having any conflict and will assist the students/staffs needs. All visitors MUST sign in before entering the hall ways of the school. The school nurse goes inbetween the schools and keeps a eye on the students as well as the faculty.
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Collinwood is well known for its well behaved students and outgoing teachers along with other staff. The principle does everything in her power to assist the students, guardians, and staff. Our guidance counselor is not as great as our other staff. She is bias against nonathletic students and has a tendency to care more about personal gain then actually caring for the students. The policies are appropriate and suitably to the behave or action the person caused.
This schools cafeteria food is not too bad. it has its ups and downs but overall its okay. The cafeteria itself is a larger room and is decently cleaned after each lunch break. The facilities we use while in the cafeteria are the ones in the hallway right outside of the lunchroom doors. They are generally very well kept up.
There is defiantly no school like Collinwood when it comes to acceptance. When a new student comes the first thing the say is "wow! This school is defiantly not like my old one." We welcome new students and get along as if we were a big family. I guess growing up in a small town helps a lot with dealing with the social scene. Everyone knows each other thus being an 'outcast' isn't a thing. Everyone has a place at CHS!
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