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The workload was definitely manageable, but there was not a whole lot of classes to choose from. I guess that could be expected for middle school though.
I felt very safe in school in regards to security measures like police presence.

There was a big problem with student fights when I attended middle school there. But police were always present in the building and students were disciplined for their actions
I was in the band program both years during middle school. This extracurricular required a lot of time and effort but it was very rewarding. I believe that because the instructor was so caring and passionate about what he was doing, he was able to make a great impact on many kids lives'.

Athletic extracurriculars had a wide range of options to choose from. The only problem was that the kids who were selected to play on the team were always the same ones. If you played one sport in middle school, it was likely you played them all. This made it very hard for students who wanted to play a sport but didn't play it for very long. It seemed like you had to be athletic or there was no chance for you to make the team.
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Middle school can be a tough time for preteens. I always thought that If a student wasn't in the "in-crowed" they were an outcast. I think what stands out to me the most about middle school is that if you didn't find your group, you really didn't have a whole lot of people to talk to. Band people only talked to other band kids, and popular people only hung out with the popular kids, there wasn't a whole lot of mixing between different interests.
With upwards of 30 kids in a class, at times it was difficult for teachers to meet the needs of the students academically. For example, in a math class, if a student didn't understand or got left behind in the lesson, the teacher rarely stopped the class to help the student. On the other side of that, most teachers were available before and after school to give that student the one on one attention they needed.
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