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Collinsville High School is a small 2A in a small town where everyone knows everyone. Going to school in Collinsville gave me many life long friendships and amazing teachers that have helped me get to where I am today. Since it is such a small town, the community strives for the students in the town to succeed in all activities such as; sports, band, academics, and getting ready for college. I am proud to say I am from a loving, small school like Collinsville that helps push the students to pursue the future they want.
There is not a lot of variety to chose from at lunch time. There is the standard cafeteria line with a couple of extra options for students to chose from. They also will make special meals for kids with allergies or other dietary needs.
There is a massive amount of student involvement in extracurricular activities, and the school as a whole is very accepting of different races, views, and beliefs. However, there is little diversity when it comes to religion, races, or sexual orientation.
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The school has adopted "Rachel's Challenge," which promotes kindness and diminishes bullying. There are also doors locked to the outside to prevent intruders. A school nurse is shared over the entire campus, which is sometimes difficult. Overall, the school is very safe.
All of my teachers were well educated, both all around and in their specific subject that they are teaching. There were a couple of teachers that were beyond excellent. One of them taught in a very hands-on approach and made the class fun and entertaining. The other always made sure that all of the students understood what he was talking about before moving on, and he taught in a way that made sense to high school aged minds.
I was terrified of coming to college after high school because I was not sure if I had been properly prepared for what was ahead of me. However, those fears were a waste. Collinsville High School adequetely prepared me for college, in both academics and extracurricular activities. I also worked in a restaurant this summer, and CHS gave me a work ethic, along with a sense of respect for those around me, which was extremely valuable when you are a waitress. Overall, Collinsville High School prepared me very well for the "real world."
There is an excellent technology lab with great teachers that know how to run it and assist students. The building is very nice and clean. Our guidance counselor is what we would call a "lifesaver." She helps a lot with college prep, along with assisting students with everyday needs. Many teachers are available for tutoring in the mornings and after school. There are also buses that will pick up kids both in the town and in the surrounding area.
Always a lot of fun to go to the games and see the support from the fans
My son played both Basketball and Football and had a really great experience.
I think the administration keeps tight control over dress code and attendance.
There is plenty of literature regarding healthy eating habits.
I loved that this school was small and a very tight community.
It is cafeteria food and it usually isn't that appetizing.
The academics offered include Pre AP classes. They provide technology and Spanish classes.
We could use more variety in the clubs. There aren't that many available.
The athletic facilities are great. The football field is clean and well kept.
Students are well behaved and show respect. There is no bullying.
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It is rare that a teacher is exemplary. Quite a few teachers are lazy and do not teach very well. The school does not offer many advanced classes. All that is available is "pre-ap" for English I, II, III, Algebra I, II, and Geometry.
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