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My experience at collinsville high school was amazing. They taught me many different things to help me prepare for the world after high school. I am now a going on Junior in college and I have learned and took so many different things that they did teach me in high school to college such as how to budget right learning how to do fasfa and the main one is how to keep your focus and to continue making good grades and it has really helped. I don't think that I would want to change anything about collinsville High school because without them teaching me what I know I probably wouldn't be making it through college like I am right now.
I like that Collinsville has a lot of diversity in the student body. I don't like how the students get away with so many bad things.
The school tends to be very inclusive. However they (school administration) seems to be more about school sports than they are academics. Our counselors are some of the best and the teachers and staff truly care about the students. The bathrooms and other facilities are okay however we could probably use more handicapped stalls on each floor and actual sinks instead of the weird half circle fountain like sinks.
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I enjoyed my entire time at Collinsville High School. The environment was very friendly almost all of the time, and teachers wanted all the students to reach their highest potential to be ready for life after graduation. The athletics, clubs, and all other extra curricular activities offered at the school provided for a great amount of school spirit and pride, making the atmosphere incredible. I would like to see a small change or update in the system to make the school day run even smoother but overall, Collinsville High School was a wonderful institution that prepared me for the future.
This school is decent. It has a club for every hobby and helpful teachers. Our soccer teams, both the guys and girls have been ar state three years in a roll! The only competitive sport that is below standards is our football team, but besides that it is a great school!
I love the lack of social hierarchy among students here. Come to school in sweatpants and the same shirt you've worn all week and don't talk to anyone ever? Nobody cares. I love it. It makes the environment less stressful and more academically focused.
I did not like anything about Collinsville High School. It was a terrible experience. I could never focus on my work because peers around me were always being disruptive and obnoxious.
During my four years at Collinsville High School, there has been plenty of good qualities, such as help provided for struggling students, dual credit, and vocational classes. Yet regardless of the good qualities, there can be some improvements made. For instance consumers ed should be required for your seniors instead of freshman and I feel like financial algebra should also be required. Making these changes will help seniors understand expenses better. Another issue is the lack of healthy food options provided during lunch, especially for those who are vegetarian. Health is just as important as education and more options will be beneficial.
What I like the most about Collinsville High School is the amount of diversity within the student body. Everyone is allowed to be who they are, and I have never encountered anyone being mistreated because of it. The one thing I would change is the lack of school spirit. Many students think poorly of our school because of false reputations, so some students are not proud of the school. I wish more students would get excited for sporting events and have pride in what our school accomplishes.
Overall my experience at Collinsville High School wasn't the greatest, but I also wouldn't say that it was terrible. I've had great many great experiences at the school over the years. I found that there were and still are many great teachers there and some that weren't all that great, but a majority of my learning experience was pretty decent. Another great experience I had while I've been attending Collinsville High School is participating in track and field, the girls' track and field team is so nice and everybody is so welcoming. Sadly, there were also bad times while being here such as going through drama, which can't particularly be blamed on the school.
Many things in the school work well such as the genuine concern and involvement of the teachers, However; many of the people in the administration of the school seem fake in their commitment to students.
I feel like my school is overall very good. I feel like my school could greatly benefit from having more funding so that we can have digital copies of ALL of our textbooks. My back hurts and probably will forever because of the heavy books we have to carry around. We could use better counselors because A few of our counselors also need sensitivity training because they honestly, don't know how to comfort students without threatening them to send them off to some mental institute. It's the last thing a scared and depressed person wants to hear and makes others afraid to come to adults about their problems they need help with. Yes, that is a large area we are lacking in but it mostly makes up for it with the student body. I never have seen bullying, and when I have other students protect each other and never have I seen someone alone on one matter. We manage to stick together no matter what!
CHS is a good high school to go to, with a wide variety of clubs, after-school activities, athletics, and more! It's not perfect, though. The janitors aren't exactly the nicest people, so have fun with them after school. The bathrooms aren't terrible, but not very good. To put it simply for describing athletics, even the jocks are nerds. Those are the only major complaints. Teachers really do care about their students. Especially if you have a personal problem. They won't take bs, though. Some of the teachers aren't the best at teaching, so watch out for them. Students have a tendency to complain and are a little cocky at times. Overall, good academics. There's a good variety of mindsets and races. We have two officers who take keeping the school safety very seriously. We even have a P3 program, too. I'd personally recommend it.
I enjoyed my time at Collinsville High School and felt like I received a great education. However, I was any many of the advanced placement courses. I think sometimes kids who are not in accelerated programs do not always get as many opportunities or as good of an education. That is something I think should be helped. However, I think it is still a great institution, and I enjoyed my time there.
My experience at Collinsville High School was one I will never forget. The teachers at this school are not only mentors, but they are people who care. They will do everything in their power to make you succeed both throughout your high school career and life. I have been given many opportunities through the school clubs that are provided by mostly volunteering by teachers. I became the Convention Secretary for the Kaskaskia District Student Council. This gave me outreach not only into my community, but into the surrounding communities. The counselors at Collinsville are also amazing. They provided us with different job, leadership, and scholarship opportunities. Through their Google Classroom, I became a one out of ten members of the Youth Advisory Council for Scott Credit Union. This school prepared me for college in a way I never thought imaginable.
Like all high school experiences, there were good times and bad times. When homework got harder and began to pile up, those were the bad times. However, I met my best friends and others I will never forget. The teachers I had did a wonderful job at preparing me for my future.
I have made many friends through clubs the Collinsville High School has. The education and teachers are also great.
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My experience at Collinsville High School has been enjoyable despite the setbacks. It’s not the best school, but every school has its positive and negative aspects, and I think CHS has done a good job in recognizing that it’s not perfect. Even through the bad times, this school has always tried to improve the lives of it’s students through clubs, activities, and special events. Some of the teachers work hard to gain a relationship with their students and making sure that they don’t leave their classroom without taking away something
I loved the diversity and the opportunists the school provided for me. There are so many clubs and AP that available for any student that could attend that school. Collinsville High school is extremely competitive; they are known as the High School of Champions. The teachers and staff are extremely friendly and can help any student through any situation. I personally loved going to that school. My counselor and my science teachers have helped me get many scholarships and let me participate in many STEM competitions that I have placed highly on. There is a lot of diversity. People from all different cultures and celebrate in pep rallies and shows the school holds. The resources and everything along with technology and food is very top notch compared to other school in the area. Collinsville High School is wonderful!
My experience at Collinsville was average as any other high schoolers. You have different social groups, people that hang out with certain people, the athletes, the band/chorus kids and then you have the people that are friends with everybody, but after all, it was a good 4 years.
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