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In this school the policies are very applied. students aren't allowed to be free basically. it helps being students be on there best behavior in all times. It makes students think twice of there actions.
The activities in Collins hill are very helpful and nice. It allows students the opportunity to achieve things in there life as father more for the sport life. One activity that I enjoyed is helping the kids in need because it allowed to get involved with them.
In Collins Hill High School that I spend my 4 years were one of the best experience in what I can say. Since freshman year all the way to senior year I never stopped learning academically. This school you can say thought me a lot I know now. The teachers loved to get engaged with students that's if it was jokes or just helping them understand. I'm proud to say I'm an eagle. In this school you felt like family in most parts for example in football games you felt the love and support each one had for each other. No matter what happened this school made whatever possible for the students to feel like home.
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One of my best teachers in my senior year was Mrs. Ring. This teacher actually helped us understand language arts. There was many different ways she wanted as to learn. For example group activities, popcorn reading and many more. She loved for her students to actually be engaged to learn more and more. Even though it was said that 12 grade literature could be hard I personality found it easier to understand because of her. She was one of the few teachers that you could tell she cared. Over all it was a great senior year to have Mrs. Ring because she actually made you get into the literature and be into more then you should be
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