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Collins-Maxwell Middle/High School Reviews

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I liked the small class sizes and the one on one attention from the teachers and staff. They all care and work hard for every one of their students to achieve the most they possibly can.
This is a good school. It is small, so you get to know teachers and get a somewhat personalized education. The students and staff are friendly, the academics are good, and it's a generally good school to go to.
The staff were primarily fantastic. Caring educators and a fantastic school counselor. Unfortunately, the teachers are not given much in means of solving situations, nor do I believe the school is prepared to deal with student emergencies or emergencies of any kind. Facilities are poor and class opportunities were vague. There is the fortune of being able to take community college classes while still in high school.
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It is a dying school with no real long-term future, unless they join up with a different school before they run out of money.
This year, there are plenty of teachers willing to help their students and they provide reassurance for each of them. Our teachers want the best for their students and take their time to help students who struggle.
The teachers need to take more control over their classrooms and parents need to be more involved. There was a lot of agricultural involvement that was offered to the students.
Collins-Maxwell Community has really come together in the past few months to support the school. I see new and exciting things happening at Collins-Maxwell MS/HS. The administration, staff, and school board are working with students, parents, and the community to make this one of the best small schools in the state of Iowa. There is a lot of pride in this school. It is the beginning of a new era...the Spartans. 1:1 technology, STEM classes, academic opportunities for higher education credits, caring teachers, etc.
This school is a great place for our kids to learn - teachers and staff are simply amazing! Go Spartans!
The best thing about Collins Maxwell Middle/High School is the way the community is like a family. We have come together at the worst of times and support each other through anything. The sporting program has been above average and the academics are fairly easy to comprehend.
We could have a lot more options for classes. We do not have computer classes, accounting, trade classes such as wood working, or any online classes.
We dont have that many options for extracurriculars.
The school has a lot of problems that need to be addressed.
The teachers could care a lot more about their students.
Policies are above average to keep students protected.
Sports are average and so are the clubs. Administration has began to improve.
The school has a lot of tension do to whole grade sharing so that starts a lot of parents bickering and making the atmosphere at school stink.
A lot of the teachers go above and beyond to make sure students reach their full potential.
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It's the only school i know so i cant really compare
The teachers genuinely care about students well being and education. The workload is not exactly a load I never tried to get good grades and I excelled. There are not a lot of options for students to take college level or AP classes however there are plenty of options to help struggling students.
If you were involved in a sport you basically did them all. We made due with what we had. Our facilities were nothing to brag about. We didn't get much funding to renovate or build new facilities. Alumni are not allowed to use the facilities.
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