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Collins Hill is an amazing school. It’s the most diverse school in Georgia. Our teachers are awesome.
The school its self is nice although it's not perfect the teachers there make you feel secure and with my experience, it makes high school so much easier. It even helped me focus and it's sad to think I'll be leaving soon.
One thing I love about Collins Hill is how inclusive it is as a school. It's not hard to make friends, and the school spirit is overall excellent. The principal, Ms. Wing, is also very involved in the day to day goings on at the school. The teachers are very hands on and make sure that you understand what you're learning and are as generous with their time as they can be.==
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Collins Hill is a great school! So much diversity which is awesome! I love my high school. I’m glad to say I was part of an awesome high school .
More acceptance could happen here, but otherwise a relatively decent school. A very average high school experience, though more work could be done to aid those with mental health issues.
There are teachers who are very good at their jobs and there are some teacher who work effectively, but no very interesting, and then there are teachers who dont even really care
I made a lot of friends during my time at Collins Hill and was involved in the community. The teachers I had were very caring and sometimes felt like friends/rolemodels more than a teacher only.
Collins hill is diverse and has a lot of thing going on with fun people but if you move in mid semester or later on during your high school career you might have a hard time making friends if your timid or shy
My experience overall has been a positive one. The school has good teachers, and they offer classes that actually educate us about becoming adults (Financial Literacy). They have a lot of clubs and sports to join. Collins Hill is diverse.
I loved some of the staff that worked at the school... some teachers and other workers loved to connect with students that attended. Something that needs improvement is student participation. Now all teenagers ever worry about is technology and don't enjoy the activities provided to them.
I moved from New York City to Georgia during my second semester of sophomore year. When I arrived to Collins Hill I was nervous at first and had some setbacks but in the end it was all worth it. I was able to be apart of 8 AP classes, over 10 clubs and donating blood about 3 times throughout my high school career. Collins Hill High School has offered me many opportunities and has shaped me into the independent figure I am today.
Overall, Collins Hill High school prepared me for college and post-highschool life. I received an excellent education mostly due to the caring teachers, advanced placement program, and extracurricular activities. The school does an excellent job of educating students.
very race driven school now. did not enjoy the administrators lots of behind the scenes bullying going on and the community is going down
Collins Hill High School is a moderately large high school in the Gwinnett county area of Georgia. My high school years of attendance were some of the best when I take a look back at it. Collins Hill’s student body and staff were some of the most diverse groups with everyone being welcome and friendly regardless of your background. There were a variety of clubs and after school activities for students with all types of interests and there never seemed to be anyone truly left out of feeling like they belong at the school or unwelcome. Collins Hill made my high school years ones I will never forget thanks mostly to the friendly student body and memorable teachers and staff.
During my freshman year, there were many fights, fortunately, I have graduated so I am not sure about the current condition. Education is the best Gwinnett county has even won some awards because of it.
Always bends to meet my needs. the staff is friendly and the students are nice. teachers care about my wants and needs in life. Very good school. facilities could be better, and the air conditioning is often out.
its a ok school, administrators are not always fair, it is a great community, my sophmore year was a night mare and I had to learn the hard way that the administrators do not have your best interest at heart if you of a certain ethnicity.
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I am an alumna of Collins Hill High School, and my sibling is also currently a student there. I enjoyed my time at Collins Hill. I feel like the academics really prepared me for university, and the teachers were overall great. They were really caring and very knowledgeable about what they were teaching. I was very involved with extracurricular clubs in high school, which contributed to my academic success in university and helped me to know what I want to do in my future career.
While I went to Collins Hill I’ve learned many things. One thing I would change is teens should be able to express theirselves more freely there. Other than that I’m glad I’m a alumni from Collins Hill. Go eagles !
I attended all four years in this high school. I personally suggest that taking all AP classes is good for the average students because the teachers are extremely nicer and contain the enthusiasm to teach you. They tend to care more and the classes are more exciting. The facility members at Collins hill provide excellent help for new freshmen that arrive by standing in the hallways for assistance. My school also provides extremely well public speakers that come every so often and influences us to study harder and be more productive. I think that this is a school that pushes a student to become successful and catches the eye of a lot of Ivy League schools.
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