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There are bullying problems. Teachers don't help you with your work sometimes. They pick favorites. There are not a lot of AP classes available. just recently got a good chemistry teacher.
Needs more books, better teachers, new administrators , better food in the cafeteria, more snack machines
I like the environment at the school. You know everybody there because majority of the students grew up together. I would like to see the teachers and the counselor improve. They don’t give your sources nor help. You have to look up information if you want to know something.
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I like that the teachers wanted you to learn. They did everything in their power to help you when u needed it
CHS is a small school with excellent teachers, administrators and staff. Visit the school soon. Any administrator will gladly give you a tour of the facility, discuss your child's needs and address any questions you might have. I highly recommend our local public school. Many college graduates got their start at CHS.
My Experience at Collins High School was actually a pretty nice journey. It wasn't a above average school, it was average. A school that just teach children what they need to know, not anything extra just the basics. The bad thing about being in college now; I do not know curtain things I should. Other than that it is a safe city to live in and a decent school environment.
This past two years at Collins High School have been wonderful.
The teachers in Collins, MS are very knowledgeable and help us a lot. They really educate on materials and we use all types of technology in these classrooms.
i would choose this school again because its unique and different. It has great loving teachers and they have a love for sports. Even though i made some mistakes i would love to do it all over again. I really enjoyed this high school.
90% of the teachers are great and helpful. Their goal is to make us students successful and to prepare us for college to earn the skills we need to be successful in the workforce. They clubs and organizations that students can participate in and are great on your resume. We have plenty of sports such as basketball, baseball,softball, football, etc.
They don't take out time to help the kids with the ACT or SAT. Some teachers are not there for just a pay check, but some are there just for a pay check. I love the principals. Its is just the kids at the school don't get the education they need to grow and go to college.
overall its an ok school.
It's not so good well education
Our school is different from most schools. Some teachers try to help students and other teachers don't care.
Mainly because my school is small and everyone know each other we all get along. If we get a new student we would try our best to make them feel at home , we all are friends and like family. Most are family.
Every teacher I have had at Collins high school has taught me what's the best life choices I should make on life after I graduate.
Mainly because we are obligated to take state tests at Collins high school the teacher do whatever possible to help. They'll give after school tutorial sessions, online activities, and extra work that will help them in any way.
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The neighborhood isn't well , so many student get side track and try drugs, but our school dose drug free activities to encourage them not to do drugs. Most students quit and try to work harder in school.
They try to get us to understand their a punishment for bad behavior. They just want us to make the right choice in life and learn from the bad ones.
The food at the school is always healthy, they try their best to give us healthy food for breakfast and lunch.
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