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Collins Academy High School Reviews

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They Made Sure We Was College Ready Specially Ms.G She Went Above And Beyond For Us! Principal Sharpe Came And Literally Turned The School Around. She Has Been The Best And I Am Glad To Say She Was The Principal When I Graduated This Year!
so have been great. I Just wish the learning environment was better. Also the staff should push kids more .
I like that my teachers offer me help when I am asked for it.They make sure that you do everything right and that you are not just rushing through it. They stay after school just in case you need some extra help with your work if you don’t understand it. They come in early before school as well just in case you still need help. They give us test like every 2 weeks so that we can refresh our brains so that they can see if we actually are knowing what we are doing .
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When I first got to collins it was such a great feel because I knew a lot of people there so it was easy for me to fit in there isn’t a lot of things that needs changing l.
It is a school where you can learn and have fun at the same time.Everyone is friendly and helpful .It is the best school to attend.
Things I liked about Collins. Academy was that it was a small school so everyone knew each other. We were like a close knit family. When you didn’t understand something the teachers, principals, all administration was there to help. They were very helpful and definitely encouraging.
My experience at Collins was good. I had a lot of fun and funny memories while at Collins Academy. We went on a lot of field trips and had good times in the classrooms.
The Collins Academy High School is a great experience for all students. They have great student led clubs and many after school activities. The staff are very involved in and out of school. I feel from my experience from Collins Academy is a good one and the students are very engaged, the administration team is on point. Everything about Collins Academy High School is top notch.
Hi my name Jeremiah Rodgers. My experience in Collins Academy was a lot fun and hard work. I was working hard everyday and got to make connection with friends and the teacher staff. The principle of The Collins Academy is like one of the best people to meet.
I really enjoyed the time spent at Collins I had a lot of encouragement from the teachers. They really invested a lot of time in me and its showing now years later.
I like Collins it's a lot of challenges they want us to do but still they help me overcome those challenges
I like that the teachers really try to help you. My experience here was really great freshman year we went camping, scavenger hunting , visited colleges. Sophomore year we didn't go on no trips or do nothing so that year I will change specifies because we couldn't do nothing. very thing else is good we get award ed for doing good.
collins was a new fresh start for me , they have so many academics & sports that you can play on , my experience with collins so far is going well i didn't expect for my last year to be the way it is right now . i've had so many new openings coming to this school. the teachers are very helpful , the students are respectful & the other staff make sure your grades are on point making sure your on track , i recommend students to go to collins.
Overall I love this school, but the changes I would love to see made is mainly students academics some students are not college ready and they need that extra push from teachers to get them there. Also, resources we really do not have that much sources we can go to for help like with homework, essay, etc and students safety is a big issue just because of the community we are in, its not the school I feel safe in its the area we are located at.
Collins Academy High School is a wonderful school. The students, and the staff make you feel very comfortable. They actually make you want to come to school because of how fun it is. The principal is very helpful, and is very serious about education, she wants all her students to make it.
This school get you prepared for college and more. They teachers teach very well and help you in areas that most schools doesn't. They give you extra practices. They have very good programs that helps you present yourself as a scholar and do things as a scholar. most of the kids get accepted to college. they percentages is high in everything they do. they is a well put together.
I think Collins Academy High School is a great school to attend because the teachers will help you if you need it, they are willing to help if you need support.
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One thing I really like about Collins is not only do the staff motivate & support you, but your peers do. Since I been at Collins there haven't been one dull moment.
I enjoy the different sports and the various activities that they offer. The administration is very helpful and they strive to get majority of their students to college.
I like everything about collins the students is great the teachers is great the sports turns people you don't know into family.
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