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I thought the teachers were nice and they cared. There were a lot of extracurricular activities to do. But there was nothing to write home about
I will be going into my senior year at Collingswood High School this fall sand have had a really good experience here the past couple of years. The teachers are very supportive and helpful and always try to best prepare their students. The teachers are definitely the standout of the school and create a great learning environment.
My experience at Collingswood high school has been so far amazing. IT first goes to the amazing teachers at this school. They are very dedicated and care about you a lot as a student and person. Next, the students here are very diverse and most of the time is very open to you. THen, the sports here are very average but, these coaches really get you to learn more about life and to be always prepared for any circumstances. Lastly, this school is very good at getting you ready for college, they really want students to succeed and focus a lot on where most of us want to attend.
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Overall a nice school. There are a lot of options here as far as classes, sports, and clubs. One thing I would like to see changed, however is the culture. Students tend to have a general disregard for rules and this can ruin the experience for other students.
Collingswood High School has some great teachers that care about their students highly. The workload is average and there are many classes and extracurriculars to choose from. Extra help is offered in almost every subject and there are plenty of ways to get your grades up. However, it would be nicer to see a safer school due to the many fights that happen in and around the school.
I am a senior at this school, and so far, this is a great school. The staff in this school are the nicest people ever. The school has a text messaging service and email service so that the parents know everything that is happening. If something big is happening, they will tell you and your parents. An example of this is when there was this power out, and they email my parents about this right away. After it was all over, they emailed them when the power got back on. This school is all about safety and college readiness. They have a financial literacy class, so you can learn about money, jobs, and colleges before getting out of school.
Collingswood High School has given me the opportunity to flourish as a student. The school has provided me with the skills and resources to succeed in the future. There are many clubs, sports, and activities to participate in the High School. Clubs such as the Latin club and yearbook, or sports such as soccer and tennis, and there are many events like powder puff or homecoming. All in all my experience at Collingswood High School was great. The only thing that could use change is the school is old and needs some updates. A lot of the building is out-dated and needs some sprucing.
I love my school. The teachers go out of their way to help you with whatever you need. The location is great for anyone who may be coming from outside towns.
Variety of courses. Involved, responsive teachers. Student body is fairly competitive. Plenty of club and sports options. Text, email and phone messages used for communication.
Collingswood High School is an amazing, diverse school. I've been within the Collingswood District from elementary school to now and it is one, if not the best schools in South Jersey. The teachers and staff at CHS made the transition from Middle School to High School a lot easier for me and I'm sure a lot of other students ; their main focus is making sure that us students get the education that we need to be successful, in a very comprehensible way.
The teachers here were all great and I had no problems dealing with any of them. They want their students to get the most out of attending school and to be able to be as successful as they can and to do well after they graduate here.
It was high school, that's what I could say. There are a lot of different cultures and races here, but a lot of people aren't that accepting. The counselors are amazing.
Collingswood High School has taught me many things, it has taught me respect, what diversity is, and real-world skills. My overall experience at Collingswood was amazing. If I could redo it, I would. The staff is one of the greatest aspects of the school. Every teacher treats strives to make every student they teach better. Diversity is huge at Collingwood High. Caucasians are the minority, which is an awesome thing. No one is the same, every student brings their own unique self to attend school every day. It is almost impossible to not be friends with the majority of the student body. I loved going to High School here.
Collingswood High School has had a significant impact on the person I am today. CHS has exposed me to a very diverse environment and has sufficiently prepared me for the world outside of Collingswood. I have been pushed to my limits, but I have had unconditional support through my academic journey. Not only academically, but also in athletics, I have been motivated to exceed my comfort level and make accomplishments I did not even know I was capable of. The opportunities I have been offered by this school are extraordinary. Collingswood High School has left me more than ready for the future.
I would not trade a minute of my time at Collingswood HS. I have been given a tremendous amount of opportunities by going to this school. I am graduating 5th in my class with a 4.63 GPA. All of the teachers and staff have helped me achieve this. I am going to miss this school and rate it 10 out of 10
CHS was always a second home to me. From the staff to the extracurriculars, Collingswood High School always cared for the students and provided them with endless opportunities.
I went to collingswood high school for about two years and it was one of the best schools I've attended. The students were friendly as well as the teachers. The school work that we did was fairly hard but I was amazed at how far advanced we were compared to my previous schools. We had many pep rallies and football games, we took spirit week and panther pride to a whole new level!
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Collingswood High School, in my opinion, is, overall, a phenomenal school to be enrolled in. I feel as though my favorite thing about CHS is the ample number of opportunities the faculty members give to their students so they can learn, grow, and succeed in both academics and the real world. Tutoring, extra credit assignments, teachers that, to me, are actually interested in their students lives is what makes CHS stand out to me most. There is nothing I would change about CHS.
The teachers are willing to give you all the help the student needs. Every staff member wants every student to succeed.
Honestly, I couldn't imagine going to a different high school. The diversity among the students is tremendous, and our teaching staff has some of the kindest and most helpful adults I have ever met. Our school is constantly looking to improve, and the constant changes makes it an environment that never gets boring. The only thing that I would like to see change is the organization with some things like late lines, lunch lines, and passes.
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