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My experience at Collierville High School has been good. It has shown me new possibilities and allowed me to meet great teachers and friends. I think I feel very safe and involved at this school. However, I think the atmosphere within the school could be better. I would like to see less bullying, more diversity, and really just see more kindness spread around.
it's fine, just strict and the teachers give a heavy workload to AP students. We have many issues like students vaping in the bathrooms and breaking the paper-towel dispensers. While we get some great scores on AP exams and have some amazing students, the entire student/admin culture is awful. It isn't perfect.
I love Collierville High School and hold it dear to my heart. The teachers, faculty members, and students are all very nice and treat CHS as if its a community in itself. Collierville High School just recently expanded into a new 3 million dollar building. The new features have truly made Collierville High School feel even more like home.
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I enrolled at Collierville High School in 2017 and I have enjoyed my time here! Most of the teachers are wonderful and the faculty works hard to create a culture that promotes academic success and community. However, the students at CHS are very cliquey and it is hard for some students to fit the mold of a typical Collierville student.
I like that there are several post-secondary opportunities to help me beyond high school, as well as the wide variety of clubs and classes to explore my strengths and abilities.
Excellent new High School state of the art facilities. Top AP, Honors, and dual enrollment classes offered. Excellent counselors and top tier teachers. Huge community support for students and sports.
Collierville High school has given me many opportunities academically and throughout my city. I am involved in various national clubs and run track for my school. Some teachers are willing to work with student to help them understand and those connections are vey helpful. Collierville High School as well as Collierville Schools are very well organized and involved in what Collierville has going on throughout the year. Different clubs volunteer and we have many volunteering opportunities. One of the things I wish was better at Collierville is if the superiors helps reach students who weren't so involved or aren't willing to reach out and ask for the help they need. I also wish there were more fun activities, pep rallies, or dress up days at Collierville.
I liked how the lunch period was very long, enabling students to study, take a break, or make up tests. I do not like the transition times as the school is very large and it is hard to get to other classes on time because the hallways are always crowded.
I really like my school but the guidance counselors do not do their jobs well at all. Their not helpful when it comes to picking classes and the don’t answer emails sometimes.
Love my high school. Just built a new building and is refreshing to have the space for all the students. Faculty and administrators are encouraging to all students and help create a great educational experience.
Not a very diverse school, but there are plenty of friendly teachers and a few who are really good at teaching. The school spirit is high, and overall we have a lot of fun.
As a parent, I didn't like this school at all. My child was neglected by teachers in situations that aren't even justifiable. The school administration didn't even take any action when his trumpet was stolen. I had him moved to another school, and he's doing much better now.
One town, one school! Awesome experience. Go Dragons! Best high school in America. Wonderful staff and amazing student body.
Fantastic building, cafeteria, and athletic facilities but many of the students don't take pride in keeping them nice. Unfortunately, the cleaning service is terrible and part of the problem. Teachers are dedicated but are weighed down by the typical government interference in public education. Administration has some quality individuals but some are not qualified for their job. Many classes are offered from AP to trade type.
Collierville high school provides a great learning environment with great teachers and staff. They are ahead with incorporating technology into class lessons. In 2018, the new high school was built and the facility is state of the art. I would highly recommend this school
Good School and brand new. Just opened last year and is the largest HS in Tenn. I was in competitive cheer for all four years and got to volunteer and travel all over.
Collierville can be great academically at times, but can get distracted from the students learning. I enjoyed my years at Collierville socially, but I needed teachers that were more seasoned with experience to be able to help me better understand material and standards.
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Collierville High School is a great place to attend school. The teachers want the best for the students, even the administration and counseling department. The student body itself is extremely unified when it comes to school spirit.
I liked the fact it was very diverse it was happy with all students and it had a reputation to uphold.
As a graduate from Collierville High School, I truly regret spending my high school years there. The amount of prejudice, and racism I received throughout my four years were ridiculous. The school had its positive moments and its negative moments. I’ve met some genuine teachers along the way, however others were not so welcoming. The academics are fast pace, and not always easy to pick up. However, those years are behind me now and I have successfully graduated.
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