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Great for Fine a Arts and Theatre!!
Lots of AP classes - AP Art History Research produces their own Podcast.
Really love all the plays and musicals they do.

Lots of sports team, but competitive. Lots of clubs including NHS, Decca, & Student Government.
I like Colleyville Heritage and I feel like the school does a good job of trying to make school fun and spirited. I have had a lot of very good teachers that have prepared me well for my AP tests.
I like that Colleyville Heritage HS has a well funded arts and music program. However, some teachers could be more qualified. For example, a college graduate was hired right after her completion of her master's degree to teach AP Physics C Mechanics with little to no previous experience, so the class and test were difficult.
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Colleyville Heritage High School provided me with an education that I know will give me a head start in college. I little too much emphasis on football though!
CHHS did a great job of preparing me for college by instituting the "blobl schedule." Meaning, I was able to select and attend my classes like a real college student would. I do think that the school would sometimes squander their budget on unnecessary things like remodeling the cafeteria, even though the fine arts department was struggling.
Easy to get involved and a great staff that prepares you very well for college. Personally I was involved in PALS and took many AP courses to prepare myself for college, and got college credit while doing so. This school also has a lot of diversity in the sense that everyone can find their niche.
Colleyville Heritage High School provided me with the experiences I needed to be ready for the real world. The teachers are so amazing and have done everything they can to prepare me for college. My fellow classmates, however, have not been so kind. While it's definitely been difficult, my tough experiences making friends and developing a social life have helped me understand how to deal with those same uncomfortable situations when I'm older. Colleyville Heritage High School has shaped me into a mature young adult ready to take on college.
I graduated in 2015, but my time there brings back the best memories. I loved being in band and I loved my teachers. It was academically challenging and I was really pushed to be my best.
Although I met some really cool people when I moved into the district, Colleyville Heritage does fit some type of the sport-oriented school stereotype. I felt athletics were more important than education resulting in some of the classes being taught by coaches rather than people who graduated with a teaching degree in college. I also found the majority of the school's resources went to the athletics department once again rather than spending that money on proper teachers for classes.
I really liked the openness of all the administrators and teachers in welcoming students (especially new ones) to the district. You could feel their passion for helping students learn and opening opportunities to them to succeed.
The school is extremely academically driven, which is great because so many classes are offered, but sometimes the pressure can be too much.
Pretty good school. Teachers and faculty are very nice and want you to succeed. Very big sports school even though we don't win much. Only issue would be making it an easier transition for students that are coming in from different high schools. As well as prepare students for college better than what is being done.
Colleyville Heritage High School works to push their students to work harder and accomplish something great in their life. All of the teachers that I have had in my time being there have pushed me to work hard for what I want. I would not be in the place that I am today without the help of my teachers or the administration creating a fun and safe environment for the students.
Colleyville Heritage was a decent high school to attend. The academics provide an advantage that other schools may not have had, which was a result Colleyville's exemplary status. One major factor that could use improvement is the degree of diversity. There are very few minorities that attend the school, and this also results in a smaller percentage of representation. Other than that minor detail Colleyville was a fine high school.
CHHS is an outstanding school that prepares students for college and pushes students to be outstanding. CHHS is in a rather large city that also puts a heavy emphasis on tracking students which can put a divide between students of different levels, starting the GT program from kindergarten and ensuring its permanence through graduation of senior year. There is a very minute amount of diversity at the school to the point that it is barely recognizable, and this should be considered or at least discussed between students and parents as it can be easy to live in a bubble when attending this school.
I loved my four years at Colleyville Heritage because I was taught so many life skills that will help me succeed in college and the rest of my life. I have met many people that have encouraged me and have given me the confidence to take steps toward my future. This high school has so many programs and classes that provide students of all backgrounds and interests, which has benefited me because I have found what I am passionate about.
I played basketball at the school as well as learned a little from there and it was a great experience
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Colleyville Heritage High School is an excellent school filled with amazing teachers and administration along with much diversity reaching from ethnic backgrounds and religions. There are many classes and athletic programs offered along with clubs of all types and interests.
I liked the atmosphere that the school brings. The teachers, however, could be more prepared for teaching AP classes. There were some AP classes where it felt that the teacher was learning the content along with the students which did not help with higher level thinking that was required for the AP tests. The GPA game definitely exists in the school with more AP classes equaling a higher GPA, this usually leads to students not taking the classes they're interested in and instead taking classes that have a greater weight in their GPA.
The teachers were really understanding and supporting. The students are as expected of high school students. They stick to their groups. I feel the school spends more money on sports than it does education. Overall however it was a good school, with lots of different paths for all sorts of students. The music program was really nice. The auditorium is very large. There are multiple gyms and a separate sports building. There is a courtyard out back and this was my personal favorite place to eat lunch. The teachers will work with students if they ask. The biggest mistake I see is students taking on advanced classes and thinking they will be easy. If a student takes these classes, they should be prepared to work and study, and put in the extra time.
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