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The school was very focused on preparing students for college success but after coming to college, I relaized that there were a lot of things that I did not know that would help me in college
Overall the school is very good. You will surely be college ready especially if you are willing to work and to be involved. The only thing about the school is that it has poor sports yet the students have the opportunity to be involved in outside sports programs recommended by the school.
I have attended this school since sixth grade, and am now a senior in high school. This school is quite odd. The teachers are extraordinary, one can truly tell how much the instructors care about the scholars, as well as their education. However, only two foreign languages are taught: Spanish and Latin. The student body is very diverse, and the education is wonderful. The atmosphere is very safe, and most students get along very well. The school focuses on college acceptance, and 100% acceptance is the goal for each graduating class. There are two classes dedicated to assisting students with college acceptance and applying for scholarships. There are various sports, and the instruction is very interactive for every class. Each year, government students host an election comparing to whatever election may be occuring in the "real world." High school students also must gain a certain amount of volunteer hours in order to graduate. Overall, it is a wonderful school.
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I did not like anything about the Collegiate school of Memphis. The only aspect that i did like about the school, were some of the instructors. Some of them really care about their students and their education, they make sure that there students are striving academically. If I could change one thing about this school, it would be the sports division, because children who want to be involved in sports should have a chance to really be involved, with real teams from different schools.
Collegiate School of Memphis will help you to grow in your faith, perseverance, and work ethic. They create a safe environment for students to succeed and express themselves. They also implement good habits of pursuing a continual relationship with God and people. They are still developing on the side of extra-curricular activities and sports. However, Collegiate is very flexible and they are open to new ideas and suggestions. They are very supportive and encouraging, and anyone who attends this school, will definitely feel apart of its family.
The only thing I liked was a handful of teachers. The administration severely lacks representation considering its highly African American/Hispanic student population, many of whom were given a harsh time by the majority white administration who do not care at all about the students. Many of those administrators are wealthy and live in nice neighborhoods across town and even have a hand in the city's political scene. I've seen so many African American students (and even myself) especially given a hard time for having natural hair. A student was told that her natural afro was "unprofessional" and shamed in front of many students. There are too many rules strictly prohibiting natural characteristics of students of color, and if you have or are a student in the LGBTQ+ community, forget going here, you're far from welcome. Teachers have even been relieved of their jobs for offering counseling to students who seek help because the school provides none whatsoever on their own.
If I could give the school no stars, I would. The Collegiate School of Memphis offers nothing to the students that gives them a college experience, like the school says. There is nothing but endless hours of homework given. I will admit thatnthe work was in some ways helpful, but during my time there, I lacked a social life. During these crucial years of middle and high school, it is important to establish who you are as a person socially as well as academically. In the end, I don’t feel that I was prepared for the real that I was prepred for college as the school says its mission is in its “mission statement”; that is also true for many other scholars who have attended the Collegiate School of Memphis. As there are hardly any good schools in Memphis, Collegiate doesn’t make the list - unless you would prefer your child to be bland. I attended the school for 5 long, boring years, and I am glad that I left.
Collegiate is a great school. It has much diversity which is a plus. It has well qualified teachers and staff to help students achieve. The student teacher ratio is very good. Small classrooms makes learning much easier. It has Christian values that will help students through out life. Great learning experience at Collegiate School of Memphis
One of the most important core values at Collegiate is that of community and the small amount of students at school really does allow for the development of that community. Everyone knows each other and helps each other out. The school staff also puts their efforts into helping each and every individual that shows interest in their academics and in their future. They also provide all the financial aid that is needed for each student to be able to afford a better opportunity.
I enjoy the school's fall and spring olympics. The level of strictness is a little outrageous however. Also the idea of the school being a "No Excuses Zone," is unfair when the scholar has no control of outside situations. Despite, not having a senior skip day, the school does arrange for a senior trip that lasts maybe two days.
My experience with Collegiate School of Memphis has been nothing but the best. Collegiate had taught me how to have personal responsibility, hard work, respect, sacrifice, self-discipline. Collegiate has taught me what the true meaning of diversity is and to love one another as you love yourself. I have been attending Collegiate since I was in the 7th grade now I am a senior and I can say I truly appreciate and thank Collegiate for the young woman they have taught me to be. Some students complain about how teachers do not give them one on one time, but at Collegiate no matter how big the classroom is the teacher will always make time to help scholars. Although Collegiate does not have sports they do have clubs and activities that involve the students. Being an upcoming freshman to college I can say Collegiate has trained me for that next big step in my life. Collegiate is a very good school and I recommended it to those who meet the requirements.
I love how Collegiate views education very important and it is seen through the teachers. The teachers do an excellent job in preparing students for college success. Collegiate makes their mission their priority. The mission is prepare young ladies and gentlemen for college success. This school also does an amazing job in allowing multiple ethnicities and cultures to be part of the school. The faculty and staff do not discriminate students with distinct ethnicities. As now a senior student of this school I have so far enjoyed my 7 years at Collegiate. The only thing I would change about this school is to allow competitive sports to come back. So that students who love to join sports can have a good sports experience here.
The Collegiate school of Memphis mission is to prepare young ladies and gentlemen for college success through a highly structured, Christian nurturing environment. Since I have been here I have been thoroughly and successfully taught how to exemplify Core Values such as Community, self- discipline, gratitude, respect, integrity, joy, sacrifice, hard work, determination, and personal responsibility, as a senior.
This school teaches you proper academics. It also teaches you values that are necessary for a person to use not only school, but also in life. This school goes beyond teaching academically.
My experience at Collegiate School of Memphis has been pretty good. I have been here since 6th grade and have made plenty of friends along the way. At first, I was reluctant to go to the school because none of my friends from my elementary school were going there. Over time though, I got use to the school and enjoyed every day. I love the teachers because they are nice and kind to everyone. They just want everyone to get the best education that they could possibly get. The diversity is very split up in the school which is really good because a lot of schools aren't like that. They are very strict that we turn in all of our homework in time because if we don't, then we get detention. It is good that they are strict thought because it prepares us for college when we have to complete all of our assignments. They prepare us for college success every single day, which is all very good.
I am a student at Collegiate, and I have enjoyed my time very much. They are a bit on the strict side, but you know that all your teachers only want to see you succeed. It's very diverse , and it is very good at preparing students for college. The only problems are that there are no competitive sports and there is little parent involvement.
I feel that my school is very good at preparing for college success. For the past four years, the graduating class has had 100% college acceptance rate. I feel the school can improve with social interactions because the parents are not really involved and some teachers are difficult to get along with because of the fact that they do not listen to the students' requests or take them seriously.
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I have attended this school for six years and although it is very strict, the structure provides students to be more responsible of their academics. The school provides a laptop to all students in high school, which is returned at the end of the school year. Our school does not offer competitive sports, but the atmosphere is very comforting and welcoming. Everyone in the school community is very friendly and respectful. The culture of everyone is respected and so is religion. If I could change one thing about my school, it would be offering competitive sports and in a larger variety. I believe that sports aid all the students in having some kind of catharsis, which can be achieved through playing sports. This also allows students to be more prone to release their stress and anger in the sport rather than hurting others. Overall the Collegiate School of Memphis is a good school that offers great academics.
Collegiate School of Memphis is a small, private Christian-based school that focuses on preparing the students for college. Overall, I really did not enjoy my experience here at Collegiate simply because I believe the school should have competitive sports.This is the time where students are able to do something that they love, outside of academics. By being an athlete and on a team, it has taught me to work hard in school and how to balance school and athletics well because I desired to be apart of the team. With competitive extracurricular activities, it helps with scholarships for colleges, besides getting academic scholarships. I truly believe that having competitive extracurricular activities brings a different type of vibe to the school and it's culture. Other than that, the academics at Collegiate are excellent, but if the school had competitive sports, I would have greatly enjoyed my time at Collegiate School of Memphis.
I went to Collegiate School of Memphis for 6 years now and what I like about the school is the relationship between the students and the teachers. The teachers are very patient with the students who needs help with their school work and the teachers work to help the students that need the most help understand their lesson. The school is very diverse and the mission of Collegiate is to prepare young ladies and gentlemen for college success. Even though Collegiate have some good academic, patient teachers, diversity culture, and safe. However, Collegiate do not have any good sports team.
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