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Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience Magnet High School Reviews

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I am apart of the second graduating class at CSMB. In order to get into the school, I had to score proficient or advance on my 8th grade MAP tests and interview with the new principal. During my interview, the principal talked about his desire to hand pick every student that entered that school. He wanted to place in the top ten in the state. My parents were pleased when I was accepted. I wasn't so sure.

My first year I didn't do too well. I was not prepared for the rigor the school offered. It took me a minute to figure out how to navigate through the academic lessons, but eventually I got it. Every semester I improved and I graduated prepared for college. I would definitely recommend this school. I'm not going to lie and say that the school is easy, because it wasn't. What I will say is it prepared for a successful college experience. College is almost easy as compared to my experience at CSMB. I would recommend this school to anyone in the St. Louis City.
The school is very young, still. There's definitely a lot of ironing out that needs to be done. Personally, my experience was not super great, but I think that's more due to my personal situation and is less a representation of the school overall.
I am so impressed by this school. The teachers are dynamic and truly care about the kids and learning. My child is in advanced courses and has all the support he needs. The school also provides tons of opportunities for sports and after school clubs. The opportunities related to computer science have been especially impactful.
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Being a small school, collegiate has offered me many opportunities that I would not be exposed to at any other high school. We are offered amazing internship opportunities geared towards our personal interests. One of the most rewarding aspects of collegiate is that we are connected with two of the most prestigious universities in Missouri (Washington University and St. Louis University). This allows students to become accustomed with these colleges which they have a high possibility of attending. The teachers at collegiate are phenomenal as well. I have never been at a school where teachers have been so invested in seeing you succeed. I don’t give collegiate 5 stars because of administrative personnel. I feel that the leader of our school is not setting students up for success. Collegiate has been amazing overall. Not only have I learned academically, but I have also learned life lessons that I wouldn’t learn anywhere else.
Collegiate is not your ideal high school, but that’s what makes it great. My time at Collegiate has been so bittersweet. I have made great friends and I have built great rapport with teachers and administrators. You will feel so at home, because of the way everyone is so connected. I would most definitely recommend Collegiate to any upcoming young adult, ready to start their high school careers on a good note and plan to take the experience they have at Collegiate along with them into society.
The Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience is not like any other high school, and that is meant to be taken in both a good and bad way. While we are prided for our rigorous academics, that’s all we have. The diversity within Collegiate is declining along with many other aspects of the school. However, my experience here was not terrible. I feel as though as the school begins to grow and with changes to some of the staff members, the school could grow to become one of the best in St. Louis.
The thing I loved most about my school and my time there was the community. All of my teachers were so easy to talk to and extremely influential. They were always supportive and never failed to be there for me whenever I needed it. But, some things I didn't like while there, was that because the school is new there is an immense amount of disorganization that plagues the curriculum. Also, I am no longer interested in just the sciences, and so the fact that the school focuses mainly on sciences is extremely limiting.
Even though we have high scores and are one of the best schools in the district, the environment is terrible. The administration tries to pander to students for more money and better scores, which results in promises to students that never come to fruition or were never there in the first place. There is barely any school spirit and the school can be very unwelcoming at times. The building is overcrowded! The admin and faculty preach about success, but if an opportunity arises that would help a student, but not the school, the encouragement stops and is replaced with open hostility. At the root of all the issues is the admin act like our school is a top ranking school in the nation while managing it like a lower tier public school.
With a student body ,freshman through seniors, of just a little under 250 students, at my school you really get to connect with everyone. Our class sizes are small so there is always help available. The staff makes it a priority to know everyone beyond academics. Almost every teacher at my school sponsors an after school activity that we wanted to incorporate in our school. I love that my school is very diverse and that they emphasize sharing our cultures with one another. We have something called international day where we share food, dances, and cultures from our background. We also have "houses". Houses are a mixture of freshman and seniors where we get to know one another and do activities. I love that at my school you are able to build positive relationships and there is always someone in your corner for anything.
I feel that I enjoyed my time there. They provide many opportunities and resources to succeed and thrive while also getting students ready for college.
Collegiate is a very diverse school with many opportunities to explore different careers in regard to medicine and bio science. The staff members are very helpful for finding opportunities for growth outside of school.
I am a student at Collegiate and I truly admire how welcoming the teachers and my fellow students make the school.
This school told us a lot of things that we believed, they told us that we were all going to get internships that we wanted/ need. We were told we were going to get a new building after freshman year but never got it until junior year, on top of that it wasn't the building we were promised. The classes have all been a lie, no actual learning was done junior year, our biology class was an online joke where we never learned a thing. The principle that we were promised to have throughout the schools life left us. This school is not what we were promised.
So far at the CSMB, I have enjoyed my time he through high school. What i enjoyed the most is the culture and diversity at my school. We have tons of people and besides race and whats on the outside, it is very diverse at the school. People can learn from each others because were all diverse, and those who are the same are still diverse in a way, and we can also learn about where people come from and their culture as well because of it.
I have had a challenging yet fun experience at this school.
The teachers are young and have the mindset of a young person. Some teach well but not to their fullest ability while others teach well.
I like the atmosphere and everyone gets along with each other. We support and defend each other.
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