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The Collegiate School is an all boys school in NYC. It is known for its intense academic program, and the success its alumni find later In life as a result of their experience. Many say the all male environment creates a toxic and aggressive culture, but in reality, men who graduate leave with bonds only found between brothers. Despite differences in race or sexuality, the boys are all treated the same, and leave self importance at the door as thy unite under the word Dutchmen. As it is a traditional all boys school, the culture is at times harsh and non-pc, but it teaches the boys how to survive in a world that does not care about your emotions. The competitive nature of Collegiate’s student body instills a culture of winning and excellence, rather than one of coddling. The teachers are truly legendary, and will take time, wellbeing, and especially sleep from you, but in the end the student will come out stronger and more ready for college and life.
If you want to learn a ton with wonderful teachers, come to Collegiate. This school is a great place to get a high school education that sets you up for collage.
I see Potecial but I do not think it is there yet St.Bernards is a great school though just saying if you want to hop on the st b's train come right on in or go to buckly it is good i guess
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Collegiate's extracurricular activities are superb. The school is willing to support and help fund students ventures outside of the classroom from launching StartUps to sport outings and debate tournaments across the country.
The Collegiate School is a single-sex, private located in New York City's affluent Midtown West neighbourhood. The school traces its origins to Dutch-colonial America in 1628 and offers an incredible K-12 education. With that education comes a financial and social price. Attendance costs nearly as much as university and comes with a high social tax. The all-boys setting causes an atmosphere of toxic, hyper-aggressive, over-competitive and arrogant masculinity. Little is done to challenge this. There is little diversity at the school amongst the student body and faculty. The institution has gone several years without a diversity and equity coordinator. The administration is very slow to come to the 21st century and support its minority students, faculty members, and staff. The education is very intense and, at times, draining. Any student who graduates will be more than sufficiently prepared for university-level education at any institution.
Overall incredible experience after my first ten years. Can't wait to see what comes of my last three. My brother goes to Trinity, and we can both agree Collegiate is a way more superior institution. Collegiate is forward-looking, fresh, vigorous, immeasurably fun, and overall great school
It's a rigorous program that will take everything out of you. But its worth it. Everyone here is looking for you to succeed.
Graduated in 2011 and was extremely well prepared for college and life post college because I attended Collegiate.
Been here 13 years, amazing place, produces articulate and athletic boys who know it. Teachers are almost entirely college level professors with sophisticated appreciation of the material.
Most teachers are very helpful and available and/or encourage extra help outside of class.
Small space living in the city; however, we take what we have and we get by.
Very safe. Multiple school officials are all over the UWS
Everything is great! the school tends to be very lenient for expulsion and suspension.
A lot of extracurriculars are offered; however, some of them are not elite
Collegiate has a long and rich history of athletic and academic excellence
Decent, but with a number of problems widely felt by all students: lack of air conditioning in the Old Building, strange smells, lack of space...
You mess with the Greter, you get the Peen
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Teachers are great. True legends.
Old building but moving to a new building soon
The administration can be overly strict but overall is OK.
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