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Collegiate Preparatory Academy Reviews

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What I liked is the teachers are really involved in their students education and will try everything in their will to help all students succeed
My experience in Collegiate Prep was amazing. This school was able to prepare me and get me ready for when I leave High School. I was able to take college classes in this school and I feel like it gave me a feel on how college would be like.
My experience with Collegiate Preparatory Academy was average because the teachers and classes are good and if you ask you can get placed in advanced classes. The downsize is there is no school spirit. It's a smaller school that shares it's sports and club programs with other schools. There is not many clubs associated with only CPA.
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You'll like it if you enjoy going to a tiny high school, don't expect to get the full high school experience. Some teachers are amazing, others are average.
No change. Things have improved since last year and I love it. A lot of involvement with students and families at school and in the community
What I loved most about this school is my cheer tram. It wasn't located here because of the big split of schools which I feel was a big problem because I felt all the kids in the neighborhood shouldn't of been split up but brought together. As far as the school its self the kids over powered the school and ran it more than the teachers.
My experience at Collegiate Preparatory Academy has been pretty terrible. Definitely not a school for children with a bright future who excel in academics. The students are out of control and constantly ditching class and acting immature while the teachers and staff do very little to improve the school's environment. There's several fights every semester making it feel rather unsafe to even walk in the hallways. The academics is also poor and does very little to reinforce what has been learned, which is very little since it takes the students about 2-3 weeks to complete an assignment. Just a terrible school in general.
There are not many choices for classes. Yes, there are concurrent enrollment options but you have to be in a certain percentile and have certain test scores to even qualify.
The school in general is amazing. Teachers do everything in their power to get get students start taking college classes their junior year, if possible. Although, I do want to see a few changes, such as adding more clubs and have students get involved in more extracurricular activities. Also, provide more elective classes, such as French classs, theater, engineering class, and etc. I’m corruently a senior at this school and I’m taking three different college classes. I will be graduating with honors and by taking the college classes, I already save up around 6,000 dollars for college.
There are many improvements this school can undergo. Mainly starting with staff, most of the teachers currently are honestly not as great as they promise to be. Also a library would be nice.
I like that collegiate prep academy offers college courses to students to challenge them. I wish a school like this could provide more career based electives.
I am currently at Collegiate Prep Academy. It is my last year and I enjoy it!! I like the academic classes that I am in and the teachers are great!! I learn something new everyday and want to continue on throughouty last year!
Collegiate prepatory academy helped shape me into the person I am today. I transferred my sophomore year of high school and I was behind in credits, they helped me get back on track and because of them I graduated on time. They have programs put in place to help the students with credit recovery which I participated in.
As far as extravagant high school experience went, i was very disappointed. My fisrt 2 years here we were treated like middle schoolers. But I was able to get opportunities that not many other schools offer to there students. Including taking concurrent enrollment classes and class at Community college of Auora Eventually things got better. The teachers i had for the most part were understanding and I got a lot of time to ask questions on a one on one basis. The staff for the most part truly cares for your successes both inside school nd out side lf school. I always felt like there was 3 or more people I could go to if i ever had ANY type of problem.
I'm a new to collegiate prep but so i far the staff and peers are friendly and caring . I really enjoy their classes they offer, they are challenging and fun AP courses. Something they can work on is supplying their students/ pupils with resources like computers for those who don't have access of course , so they can get their work done.
This is one of the best schools that I have been to. This has helped me with a lot and has allowed me to be successful. I love this school and I wouldn't go anywhere. When im here I feel like im with family. We focus on making every student feel at home and this is very important to me. This school has allowed me to make tons of new friends and im really enjoying this. This school is very cool and I recomend this to anyone who wants to make a lot of friends.
A few AP classes. Need more
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Need air fresheners in restrooms
I love the way the teachers teach. Each and every teacher has their own style and creative ideas. I have observed the way that every teacher is caring about every single student they have, I love their passion about teaching, about the students. It's amazing.
Because our school is considered a "reform" school, we are very focused on making sure our students feel safe in our building. We have students who were former gang members or took part in at risk behavior, so we try to turn around those behaviors with our family-like community. We prefer not to have armed police in our school, to put our students at ease, and we try to keep the environment safe enough that we only need to staff and not any outside forces in charge of the protection of our school. This has made our school a very trusted place with the students and we all feel very safe.
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