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My experience here at Collegiate has been phenomenal. This has been a great opportunity to be able to get my high school diploma and work on my associates degree at the same time. Teachers and staff are very supportive. They give you all the help and materials you need in order to succeed. Love this school. Now I have been an inspiration to my little brother to attend this High School as well.
Although the college classes can be stressful,especially in my junior and senor year, I was met with nothing but support from my teachers and fellow classmates. It's a small school with a supportive community.
I like the school's staff. You can be close to any teacher as well as the lunch ladies. I was mainly close to my English and History Teacher. The counselor is also someone you can trust as well as helping you with classes you can have a lovely discussion with him about your week.
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I enjoyed my experience at Collegiate. I felt there were some instances where some students got a lot of slack for some of the decisions they made, but others did not. I feel like there was some favoritism that came into play. The majority of the teachers were fantastic, but some never sat right with me. The concept of the school is great, but I wish it were more targeted at lower-class students. There were some students that would have been able to afford to go to college, which takes away from others.
Collegiate High School can offer many academic advantages not present in other schools such as dual credit. With a much smaller campus population teachers and staff are far more engaged in helping students with problems. They also offer top of the line college enrollment support which is a big part of senior year.
I am a Collegiate High School alumi, and I loved my high school! Not only did you receive you high school diploma but you also receive your associates degree, of course depending on the hours you get. The principle always made it her priority to make sure she knew each and every one of us, she made it her business to make sure if we ever needed help she would help us herself or send us in the right direction. My school was located at Del Mar college. Yes there may have been insults from actual college students against us, but they could never tell if we were high school students or college students. Our maturity always had to be high because we were representing not only our school but also ourselves. We wanted to be treated as equals there at the college!
Collegiate is a tight knit family that provides unlimited opportunities, resources, and smiles to each and every student who attends the school.
Collegiate is an amazing institution. The family aspect from the staff and students is what you feel every time you walk through the doors.
All the teachers are so amazing and understanding. Everybody always help each other it’s like we’re one big family...The principle and all the staff always are there for us when we are in need of help or we are having a bad day. The teachers can be like our best friends and always listen they never deny having a talk with us. They are there when we cry and give us so much emotional support. I wouldn’t want to be at another school expect there !!
Collegiate High School is unique. This high school has made me love school. The teachers are so committed to their job and students, you can feel it as soon as you walk in the door. Collegiate High School thrives on letting the students know what higher education will be like, such as giving us the privilege to take college courses and possibly graduating with an Associates degree.
Enjoyed this school! I had a great experience. Amazing teachers. When I first experienced the school in freshman year, I knew that I would have a great time.
This school gives me a lot of opportunities and benefits, however, since it is a lottery to get in, I am very grateful that I got accepted. I have the chance to receive my associates when I graduate, although it may be stressful at times, we have to think positive and keep on track. At this school, the staff is more helpful I feel any other staff at a high school since they take college very seriously, they help us with applications and scholarships, making sure that we get them in on time.
Collegiate High School has allowed me to get ahead of students my age by providing free dual credit classes. The teachers and administrators at this school are extremely helpful and do all that they can to ensure success in their students. Collegiate has prepared me for college and given me all of the resources I need to be successful in my future endeavors.
I really recommend students to attend this school if you want to be ahead in your studies. I really like that I was able to graduate with a college degree and advance two years in my studies. It is really worth it and it can only be achieved if you work hard for it. This school is challenging, so only join if you're serious about it!
I liked the ready availability of college resources and the early advantage of accomplishing an associate's in high school. It was a huge first step and really helped me with my schooling later.
Everything about this school is amazing. You are given a lot of opportunities and it is very hard for you to fail at the things that you are needed to do. I willnot change anything at this school.
I like the peers (sometimes), and I enjoy using class time to read. The work is easy and rarely hard and the teachers are excellent at helping.
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When I first heard about Collegiate High school I was in eighth grade. Collegiate isn't like any other school to be able to get you have to go through a application processes as well as interview but it is a wonderful school. Collegiate doesn't have sports but in replace is you can earn you associate degree at a young age for free! Everyone is so nice and welcoming! I loved my school.
Collegiate High School is truly an amazing school that offers and amazing opportunity to take college classes.
My experience at this school has been an extremely positive one. The faculty ans staff at this school are fantastic amd are in my opinion the best in the city. At this school every student is given the opportunity to succeed and progress themselves and their future. By the end of this my last year I will be walking away with both a High School diploma and a Associates Degree, but I will also be taking with me the great many memories and experiences that I had here which I will always cherish and be forever grateful for.
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