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Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles Reviews

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Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles offers incredible support where students develop learning skills & feel like its home. As for me, I would struggle with English and literature understanding it’s process, but the teachers were able to give me the resources that help me get better at those subjects and I feel so proud of myself. The school helps to get students to go to a 4year college which is awsome!
collegiate charter high school is very good school, since its already 5 years old with still being small but everyone can bond with each other which is a very good thing even bond with teachers and the staff.
Truly a college preparatory school. Very helpful there. Can give individualized help also. However, they lack resources relating to arts, sports, and academics.
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I did not have a great evpirence in that school. The food was terrible not sometimes the food was open. There are not alot of sport and the teachers there are always leaving.
It's overall a solid school with amazing teachers and help if you look for it. Because it is new, it has some problems with resources but this should get better with time.
To start off, this high school is small. Within this environment, you are able to have a close relationship with teachers. In addition, you have freedom to express yourself and it is easy to make friend. However, since it is new, it needs more students and a greater diversity within the system. Also more active minds to help the school grow.
My experience at Collegiate was super great because I was the founding class of the school. The school is great on focusing on the academics, but it does not have as much school pride. My school needs a building in order to be able to expand and make the school better. We are very helpful on helping students to pick up their grades and make them eligible to be in college.
This high school actually helped me a lot. I was the founder of this school and I actually started with this school. I had an IEP and I was able to pass all my test and I no longer need it.
What I want to see change is to let students have a choice and to not decide everything for us without asking how we feel about it
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