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Small classes, centered around facilitating student learning. The teachers cared about their students. There were few clubs and no sports at the time that I attended which made it hard to do any extracurricular activities that I desired.
Admin does nothing about bullies in elementary schools. After 2 years of trying to communicate with admin and watching other problems only get worse we left because too many kids were scared
Collegiate is a small school so it is easier to have one on one time with teachers who always make an effort to help out their students. As the school expands our activities, a lot of opportunities have opened up for the students such as sports teams (volleyball and baseball), environmental conservation efforts, community service trips, various clubs / electives, and more. In relation to academics, many advanced courses are taught (AP) as well as honors, and because the school is K-12, advanced middle schoolers can easily participate in high school level courses. Another pro of being a K-12 school is that different age groups work together and interact to form a wonderful community where people help each other. I am so happy attending Collegiate, and plan to graduate with honors from there. The people, academics, opportunities, and positive atmosphere are what motivates me each day to learn and grow at school.
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The school is very small and connected. Everyone knows everyone on a personal level including teachers and admin. The academics are good and the teachers there are dedicated towards the students' learning experience. However, the school is very short on funding, and can't really offer a full high school experience.
I have 3 children in the elementary, and I love the individual attention they get in the smaller class sizes. We love the inquiry-based curriculum. It feels like a private school, but at a public school cost.
Great K-12 school with dedicated staff. Students grow academically as well as personally as they learn "The 8 Keys of Excellence" and how to apply them to life everyday. Parent involvement is also huge influence and helps the students to stay motivated.
We transferred to Collegiate two years ago and we absolutely love it! Our old school had class sizes of 30+ and did not challenge our daughter. Collegiate has small class sizes, the teachers are wonderful and my daughter has excelled. Love Collegiate!
When we moved here 2 years ago from AZ, I wanted to find a charter school that had a little more freedom in curriculum. When I discovered Collegiate, just a mile away from my home, I was pleased with the distance and small size of classrooms, and I was pleasantly surprised with my son's first grade teacher recognizing a learning issue early on in the semester. She contacted me about getting him screened for extra help in the special ed program, and it turns out he has greatly benefited from the program. I feel that the teachers and school as a whole is much better than other schools about communicating with parents about their child's learning progress. So far, I have had nothing but good to say about all my childrens' teachers and I hope I can continue to say that all the way through the grades.
We love Collegiate Academy. Free all day kindergarten, small class sizes, flexible learning options, and a close knit community feel.
We are very grateful to have discovered Collegiate Academy of Colorado. Go Wolves! We initially transferred our children there due to the free full day kindergarten and that it was K-12. Only one stop for dropping off/picking up kids! The small class sizes have been wonderful for our children's education and the teachers are a truly great team. The leadership is strong and we love the "no-nonsense" attitude from the principal and vice principals. We plan on keeping our children enrolled through graduation!
Despite low amounts of students and funding, Collegiate does an excellent job of providing an individualized education with teachers that pay attention to where each student is in their academic path. There is an impressive variety of AP classes considering the small class sizes in the high school.
I have two children that attend this school. I love how the education can be specialized to each child. The teachers assign different levels of work to different students in the same class. My son is in third grade but attends fourth grade math with a different teacher.
CAC is a nice, small school where you can focus on academics. The teachers are very approachable. It's a nice school.
The two main entrances are always locked and there are people at the front watching the doors. Other oors in the building get opened occasionally, but this year a lot less than previous years. There are rarely drug searches, there are never dog searches. Fire drills happen maybe twice or 4 times in a year. Lock down drills happen once or twice a year. Lock out drills occur once or twice every 2 years. Tornado drills never happen. When we do have lockdown drills, we often have cases when the teacher opens the door early. We need the drills to be more serious. Our health clinic is basically nothing. You can go to the clinic, which is now without a staff member, and get an "ice pack" made from a frozen paper towel in a sand which bag, or you can have the woman at the front desk call your parents. There are no bullies.
There is one extracurricular, the ultimate Frisbee team. We have won State Championships for two years I believe. This year, however, there are about 6 peoe on the team. A typical team requires 14 people.
Beginning high school was when the teachers began leaving for other schools. The teachers that were leaving were the best ones that we had at the time. With that, the janitors left and now there are leaks in the roof. So much so that in 2013 the high school flooded. Walking in the building is not an entirely pleasurous experience, with the tile floors, off-white maroon or forest greens striped walls, and how cold the building always is. Of the teachers that remain after so many left, only a few can successfully teach a class of many different students. With the lack of students, sure the classes are small, but there are no activities, hardly any classes offered, and no school pride. I would still choose to attend the school if i were given another shot, but I would not attend it in the condition that it is in now. I would attend it if the time were before the teachers, students, and clubs all left.
The teachers have come and gone while I have attended the school. Leading up to last year, the teachers have slowly filtered out. Now last and this year, the teachers do not have as much spunk and drive for their jobs, assuming from the decrease in income. The teachers all seem to try their best, but the quality of teachers and administration is not as god as it should be in order to learn better. This coming from a 4.0 student.
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My son is a very active boy, some would say ADHD. And I'm a demanding parent who wants only the best for my child. It's not often I write reviews, and I haven't had very positive things to say about his past schools, but this one is different. From the day I walked in the door to tour with the vice principal, my son and I have been treated like family at Collegiate. We adore his teacher, who is kind and amazing even when my son has a rough day. The principal is a reassuringly calm man who hears me out every time I come to his office. The secretary took me under her wing on day one and kept changing from our old school from being an intimidating process. And my son absolutely worships the high school student who helps in his classroom every morning. We just feel like we belong here and that people care about us at this school.
Because of this school I was able to graduate with good grades. But now I will always be comparing new schools to this school in hopes of a better rememberable experience.
We love love the teachers and families at CAC! My kids have great relationships with teachers and peers. Core values are taught like integrity and perseverance.
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