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Collegiate Academy at Tarrant County College at Northeast Reviews

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My four years at Collegiate Academy have been very interesting from playing for the school basketball team to having lots of fun during our school events. Being a student at this school has prepared me for college and has also prepared me for life.
I wish there were more food options than just Subway, and I wish there were more good professors than terrible ones that are completely unorganized and/or have tests that are way too hard for the students.
Overall the school is great. It has an amazing faculty and student body, and it's a small school so everybody knows everybody. If I could change one thing, it would be the administration. It's a fairly new school, so it's still getting on it's feet, however, there are a lot of changes in the office staff. Other than that, the school is amazing!
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My experience at Tarrant County College was exceptional. I loved the small class room settings, making learning more personal. The teachers at Tarrant County College are very attentive and passionate about their careers, making sure that they are teaching the curriculum that the students need to succeed. The campus is always clean and well-manicured. The staff on campus are very friendly and helpful. Tarrant County College offers a plethora of resources that are easily accessible to their students. The tuition costs are very affordable and lower than most of the surrounding colleges. I highly recommend Tarrant County College for all students, especially students that are fresh out of High School. The only thing that I wish that they would change is for them to offer more courses and a Cosmetology Program, other than that the school is simply amazing!
The school itself granted a wonderful opportunity, of that there is no doubt. The teachers are wonderful and have helped several students through rough times in their lives, as well as the college degree being a great stepping stone and bragging right directly out of high school.
The teachers really care about the students and their education. It's a new school and communication on what's happening can be iffy, however the free college courses and familial community more than make up for it. It's a great school that I'd recommend for everyone.
My First years of college I attended Tarrant County college districts and the Northeast campus was one of the best ones. All the professors I took there were compassionate, loved to teach and help their students pass.
I have heard really good things about this school and it is close to my home. I have met people who have graduated from their accounting classes who have great jobs. I will be attending in the fall possibly in the spring if I can get everything submitted in time. I really want this I want to complete college and make life better. Accounting is used in every industry so the opportunities are endless where I could go to work. The course I am taking also includes payroll this will also help in getting a great job.
Offers several different resources such as Math tutors, financial aid assistants, etc. There are many good professors, and sometimes the occasional professor no one wants to take. You can also find many scholarship opportunities through the college, and find other social events and gatherings they hold there. The environment is safe, and the culture is good.
I love how it's local, everyone is really helpful with everything! I can always go to my advisor, not only for academic advice, but personal advice as well. Everyone here understands that it's not a rush or force to complete school but whenever you need anybody on the staff they are here to help.
This school has a simple layout. It is easy to find your building. It is a cheap price for an excellent education.
I really like how the class rooms were set up. All of the professors I had were amazing. Some of the labs were not taught very well.
They don't have scholarships tailored for International students. Besides that, it's a great place to be.
Easy to navigate campus with very helpful staff that truly wants the best for you. Many resources available for your success.
It is a great school, the teachers are nice and its kept clean all the time. However, the food at lunch is standard school food but there are vending machines and you get a 2 year associates degree when you graduate your senior year because you take dual credit courses on top of your
Collegiate Academy is a great school that gives students the opportunity to get ahead on their education. With the ability to graduate from high school with both a High School Diploma and an Associate's Degree, it really allows students to show their true potential. Plus, the faculty is very supportive and helpful to their students when they need help.
My experiences so far at Collegiate Academy have been excellent. The teachers here at Collegiate are so helpful as far from being teachers and helping us learn the academics they guide us to the right path and helps us figure out our future plans after high school. Everyone here is connected like a family, no one ever gets left out. Overall Collegiate Academy is an amazing place to go for an early college high school.
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I love the freedom we get. It makes me feel responsible for everything. I also enjoy having the opportunity to get an associates degree while getting my diploma when I graduate.
Tcc is an amazing school the teachers are very respectful and do the best they can to help. The campus is beautiful and it is always kept clean. There is always lots to do if you're out of class.
It a really good experience The people are really nice they do a lot to try to help you . Many resources that help you become better students and mature as a person l
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