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It’s a great environment with many students that are focused on school. They have many amazing teacher who really focus on the students and help out with anything they need.
I enjoyed the nice facility our classes were in. It is fairly new and relatively clean. A lot of people regret their high school experience but our school was fun to be in and we had great athletic programs to compete in and watch. Everything was well funded so all of the computers and class rooms are really nice and we always have what we need to be successful in the classroom. The only change I would have like to have seen would most likely be the accessibility due to highly crowded stairwells and hallways. Overall I would say that College Station high school is a great institution and I enjoyed my time there due to the helpful staff and well kept building.
I love the spirit and energy around cshs. Everybody happy and always having somebody around. Cshs has so much school spirit and positive vibes around everybody. Even though we are a big school you will meet interesting people and connect easily
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College Station High School is amazing! The school is filled with talented and hardworking people! I love my school and I hope everyone else who attends CSHS will. We are all a big community and I wouldn’t change that for the world. Everyone is so inclusive and willing to go out of their way to help others!
There is a lot of school sprite but only towards football. Teachers are a hit and miss. But, the school is extremely crowded. The new boarders were supposed to remove people but instead it gained a ton of people we went from 1500 students (over crowded by 500) to 2500 students.
Overall, my high school experience has been awesome. I love the teachers who are always motivated to help you learn and succeed, but I do wish to see more diversity at the school.
The teachers here are amazing, but the administration is a pain. Often large issues arise that are swept under the carpet so the community never finds out about them. Additionally, while the school is not supposed to favor a certain religion multiple people I know have been told that if they were to represent College Station High School, they should be upholding Christian values as well.
What I enjoy about College Station High School is the teachers. They are fun to be around, and overall care about their students. Some things I dislike are some of the rules at the school, because I believe they could be improved.
CSHS is a positive learning environment with a high affinity for education and extracurriculars. Football is almost religiously observed by the entire student body and faculty, promoting a unified atmosphere. All fine arts are appreciated, with frequent performances of various media that are attended by both the student body and the general public. Education is prioritized and excellence in this sphere is awarded and admired. In terms of positive change, the school should consider increased funding for fine arts programs, such as orchestra, and educational extracurriculars, such as UIL.
I think that College Station High School is a very nice school. The Building and Classrooms are all very clean and kept in good shape. The students have access to a variety of devices and access to google and Microsoft services linked to their student accounts making it easy to use. There is not much i would like to see changed and i thing it is an around good school.
The school has a very rich tradition of school pride. There is tons of support to all sports team and pep rallies are super fun. The teachers and staff treat you like family and push you to be the best you can be. The academics are pretty competitive and challenge you. Counselors are always available for any reason and never have i ever felt unsafe at College Station High School
Teachers really do care about their students, but the administration seemed not to. The dress code is strict and ridiculous, and the counselors did nothing for the many students struggling with mental health problems. Teachers were always kind and willing to help students before and after school for several hours. I feel that teachers did more to cater to students' mental health than the counselors or administration did. The academics were competitive, but the AP and Pre-AP English department really prepares student for college.
I've had a great experience with CSHS, I've been here all 4 years and I've only had small problems throughout my time.
The school itself made it very easy to be involved in clubs and activities, but neglected providing students with personal freedoms and a place to thrive. At many times, it seemed rather controlling. not to mention, there has been a sheer neglect of the foreign language department as the school attempts to cope with its growing population.
I really liked that in College Station High School, I could choose to learn about many subjects. I enjoyed being able learn about everything I have always wanted to learn. Also there such a wide range of diversity that I truly enjoyed being able to meet and interact with diverse range of people. I have learned so much from meeting so many different people, which I think is an important experience to have. Moreover, there were so many friends and teacher who helped me get through high school. I could always ask for help and there would be people to help me get through hard times. I am very thankful to be able to attend College Station High School and to be able to graduate successfully.
College Station High School has a great campus with a lot of amenities. Most of the teachers are very helpful, and we have several opportunities for AP and dual enrollment courses. The best part of College Station High School is the marching band program!
I loved the academic experience the teachers were also great. The sports teams were also great, all the good clubs, and after school meet up groups.
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At College Station High school I've had an amazing high school career, both educational and socially. I have had many ups and downs with my success in school but the teachers here helped me improve tremendously with not only my outlook on life but academically as well. Whenever I was being harassed by fellow students the principals helped put a stop to the bullying as well as assured me that when I need help there will always be some. My teachers have helped me realize that I can become the best version of myself if I don't give up on my grades.
I love College Station as my high school because they teachers are very nice and are very helpful to get you ready for college.If you wanted to choose a high school in a CSISD district I would prefer CSHS. One thing I would want to change is for the cafeteria to give more varieties of food that students would enjoy.
All of the teacher are nice and you have lots of electives to choose from. They offer many varieties of the same class which is good there is something for every student there. You can always find someone to talk to and that will care. They are a strict school and you must follow the rules no exceptions.
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