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College Prep High School Reviews

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College Prep High School was a joke of a school. Often times the students would not be disciplined for anything they did, and the majority of the staff did not care for their students. On multiple occasions I heard staff talking poorly about other students and even had one teacher tell me she didn't think I was going to be anything in life. When I enrolled in the school, I was told that I would be taking all college classes while receiving high school credit and I would graduate with my associate's degree, none of which actually happened.
there are many classes to choose from. not much homework is given out. Teachers have easy to work with hours for tutoring. classes are given based on the student and were they are at.
friends hang out with friends.
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there are not many after school programs
this school prepares students for college each year
the teachers were always open for new ideas.
What makes this school unique is the fact that every student is cared for. Teachers will go out of their way to try different teaching styles to leave no student behind and the students here go out of their way to make students feel welcome.
At College Prep High School, the students get personal and specialized attention that you just can't find at large public high schools. The most if not all teacher devote themselves to connecting and teaching their students on a personal level. the teachers make the students high school experience fantastic.
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