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Some of the teacher were amazing, thorough and kind. They were like diamonds in the rough. The majority however, were unorganized, underprepared, and unqualified. The food was awful, and the kids were rowdy. I fell behind in math and science and had to take extra classes in college to catch up. The friends I made are forever, and that school did make me feel pretty safe, but it didn’t give me the true high school experience at all.
College Prep Academy is a good school for academics, but the strict rules make it hard to enjoy the school. It would be nice if he had an actual gym and not so strict on the dress code. The teachers really make sure you learn and know the criteria none the less.
I liked the sense of community but they could definitely work on rules , timing of events and things like that .
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They offer a wide variety of clubs. The only downfall of the clubs are the parents. Some parents are not always willing to help.
Many parents really care about all the students and the programs they are in. There are a decent amount of parents that don't care about anyone other then their own kid.
The teachers care about the students a great deal. Every one of them want each of us to be able to make it into a 4 year college.
My experience at this school has been awesome because even though at times the amount of work they give us in order to prepare for college can be tedious, it really helps to make sure the students have a complete understanding of whatever the subject may be. Also are school is very unique because of its art infusion that really helps to cater to the creative side of any given student and that is shown in the large selection of extracurricular activities that students can choose from so that no child is left behind .
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