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It was a great experience. The teachers were involved with the students. We had daily events and sponsors that we had and hosted.
They have good programs in art and music. They have lots of sports and clubs. The only problem is the school budget.
CP was an interesting high school experience. One could learn many various street smarts while attending there such as how to deal with people from various walks of life. I hope that in the near future the administration will take the time to invest their funding into the students, not on frivolous things.
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I arrived at college park as a junior and my experience was average. Teachers are not as excited to help or not very open to helping. It was very hard as well to get in some classes that had room and when my sister arrived at school as a freshman they didn't allow her to go into an ap class that had plenty of seats. Though administration is getting better so hopefully soon the school starts to improve.
The classes helped me prepare for college life, as well as life beyond high school/college by teaching me the basic skills (ex. math, science, English) required for me to be a well-rounded student. The teachers all knew what they were teaching as well. It was a nice school to attend.
This school is overall good, I’ve learned a lot. There have been some issues lately regarding the faculty but the teachers are extremely helpful and understanding. I can say that I will miss the teachers a lot more than my fellow students though.
Coming to the end of my senior year and I am relieved and thankful to be leaving. College Park isn't a walk in the park. While aware of the limitations of the huge Mt. Diablo school district in terms of class size and funding for programs, the administrations mismanagement is ridiculous. The morale is horrible for teachers and students alike. I am thankful for the few wonderful teachers that I have an but struggle to overcome the incompetence of the others. There are not enough AP classes, not enough variety in the curriculum, not enough guidance personnel and a shortage of supplies such as current textbooks. The school district is too large and too administrator heavy and this school is suffering.
College park has a lot of good things to offer, such as the tutoring programs and certain school activities. However, certain teacher tend to be really rude, and a little more respect from administration to their students would be awesome and extremely needed.
The teachers are very kind and devote time after school to help students with subjects they do not understand well. The math department teachers always want to help students with their math homework and projects so that they pass the class.
College Park was a pretty average school. Many teachers are moody and unprofessional, and are rude to students who oppose their point of view. The administration is not the best at handling student issues and diversity doesn't seem to be that important to them. The buildings could be updated. There were constant cockroach infestations throughout the year. The range of classes was pretty good. It would be nice if there were more student services offered and advertised better.
College Park High school is not an awful place in generally, but it certainly isn't as academically or activity-wise providing as one would like. Mostly centered around sports, the STEM and (especially) arts departments are overshadowed and undersupported...
I would like for the cafateria food to be a little more healthier but overall staff is very nice and i couldnr ask for a better school.
Just like any school, there were teachers and faculty who cared about the students and those who didn't. In my experience, there was a majority of the former. Overall, though, I think the school was too big for every student to get the help and support they needed. Not the worst, not the best.
The language department is personally the downfall of this school. I learned some Spanish, but the classes weren’t great.
The primary thing I like about College Park are the academics. I appreciate that my school offers a wide variety of general education classes and electives. It has a strong program to educate students who are interested in careers in the medical field. The student body is very diverse and the school is quite safe overall. There are many committed and knowledgeable teachers. However, there are also a few who tend to be gossipy and overly familiar in their treatment of students. The environment at College Park is not very close knit and the level of school spirit is below average as a result. The restrooms are often unclean and the school as a whole is infested with cockroaches. The Spanish language program is weak compared to the French and German programs. The administration is fragmented and often does a poor job of spreading the word about important dates such as SAT and AP test registrations and making significant changes at the school.
Some of the teachers were amazing, while others I questioned how and why they decided to pursue teaching. I did not feel very tied to the school. Events such as prom and sporting events were just average.
At college park high school I enjoyed many of the electives as well as sporting events. However that is pretty much it the admin, counselors and some teachers are essentially useless. The teachers only teach in one way and aren’t very accommodating the counselors always mess up schedules and the admin messes up attendance on a regular basis.
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College Park has a good sports program, one that I was able to enjoy for the 4 years I was present at the school. They also have a strong teaching program - I felt very prepared for college upon graduation.
My time at college park high school was a normal high school experience. there truly are good people at that school besides all the negative influences there are. There is a lot of drugs and alcohol if you talk to the people who hang in the Quad. it is very diverse so you will be able to find your group of friends easy. the office workers are not that helpful but some are helpful they need a better overall administration other then just a few being helpful. sports at this school were always fun and competitive.
Compared to other schools in the area College Park is a bit mediocre. There is hardly any diversity. Most of the students and staff are white and students of color often are segregated from the rest in the cafeteria. Also student resources suck. They have a college center but if you have no clue what you want to do its helpless. Staff will not go out of there way to help or care about students future. Many are there to just to collect a paycheck; however, there are a few good teachers. Sports are very diverse and pretty good. But, school spirit is extremely lacked. Overall the school is just average.
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