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I like College Park Academy because students get to work independently and the workload prepares you for college.
I received a rigorous college-prep education from College Park Academy. While I found myself constantly challenged academically, there were some critical flaws within the system in place. The school employs a blended curriculum, wherein students are enrolled in courses through Pearson Connections Education--an online learning platform--while receiving instruction from in-person teachers for many of their core classes.

As a part of the very first graduating class, I shouldered many of the school's initial growing pains for the four years (the entirety of my high school career) in which I was a student. Though I had access to a number of technology-based (STEM) courses that many students do not get to experience, the area that proved most inadequate was the overall experience I encountered while completing my virtual classes. This was of course particularly problematic as the majority of my courses, especially in my last 2-3 years were entirely virtual and taught by online teachers.
College Park Academy is a new upcoming school, therefore, there were a lot of trial and errors. Overall, I think the school did a good job of helping students to have independent learning skills.
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This is the best school ever activities for kids school is in good shape and teachers are really nice to you they help you if any trouble in school.
It’s great school for children to do their work on their own terms by themselves. It’s on a virtual platform so we use laptops everyday.
College Park Academy is a good school for students that like to work on their on like me. However because it is online, blended learning school, it can be challenging at time when there are assessments taken but occur technical difficulties due to WiFi connection problems.However aside from technical problems, there are many teachers you can reach out to for help and help you prepare for college and career readiness.
College Park Academy is a brand new school. The kids do all the work online but also have teachers in class to teacher. There are unfortunately only two sports, Basketball and Volleyball. Overall, the students and staff are great.
This school is fairly new school. Hopefully Will have all resources soon.
The teachers and administrators are very helpful.
It is an okay school if you and your child are okay with teachers not really teaching or making sure that your child is doing well in classess. One con to the online curriculm is that teachers easily forget that some students may need extra help since with the resources, it is almost like the children are teaching themselves. If you child can teach themselve and has no problem doing so, it is a great fit for them.
This is an okay school. The only things that makes this school okay is that it helps you get ready for college by supplying college credits. Most of the teachers do not actually know what they are doing. Some teachers just like having power over the students. Some teachers are also really weird around students. One teacher in particular would ask students why they are going to the bathroom. He also mysteriously left this school. His grading system is also unfair. He would only favor this one student and would sabotage other students for that particular student. Sometimes when the "troublemakers" would try to do some work, he would try and sabotage them. The grading system is also very, very, VERY unfair and rigged. When a student would correct a teacher they would claim the student was "refuting them". This is only my opinion based on what I have heard and seen.
College Park Academy is good for college readiness. It gives you credits for college which is good for your future. However, there is a lot that needs to change. First off is the food. Once I experienced a old french fry in my milk. Also, there is sometimes hair in the chicken. Also, there is this one teacher that is very unreasonable. He is always acting weird around students and is always threatening PS 74s and detentions. There is also another teacher in the seventh grade that is even worse. He never teaches the class yet assigns you quizzes and tests. The sad part is, they count towards a grade. All in all, the only good part about this school is the college credits.
I attended CPA from 6-8 grade. Because it is such a new school, it is very disorganized. Some teachers take advantage of the Connexus curriculum and do not teach, instead they babysit. All extracurricular activities are expensive. The school also does not have a school bus system, so students have to either have someone pick them up, or pay for outside transportation services. All in all I feel like I have not learned much throughout my whole middle school career.
Drills are usually loud and only somewhat organized but functioning. The school nurse has things on hand for emergencies like crutches and wheelchairs but for any kind of ailment she treats, the only solution she can give is a pack of ice. The school nurse, depending on who it is as it used to change quite often, also would likely not be in her office.
The extracurricular classes are not only few but they are also rather costly. We lack main sports and the facilities hold much more than we do. The extracurricular classes are taught by college students who may or may not be well suited for the job.
While this school is slightly disorganized, this can be overlooked because of it's general newness. The staff, both teaching and non-teaching are very casual and kind to both each other and the student body. The ratio of technology to traditional work is almost even, almost to the point where one would not truly work without the other. This is both a good thing, meaning that the learning is truly blended, and a bad thing because of the fact that if one has some kind of problem, the other will also struggle to work.
Some of the teachers are very good at their jobs and keep their classes interesting. They engage in activities to teach and maintain a fun environment. I also know teachers to joke and tell stories to help keep a friendly, casual feel between teacher and student.
With being on a Connexus based education system, basically on the computer, some of the academics are hard and some are very simple and easy. With just a phone call to your teachers, you can speak to them, ask for help and present projects to them via our Webmail system.
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The school nurse is the most coolest and very profound nurse College Park Academy has ever had. The nurse is smart, intuitive and can help every student in every way, shape and form.
The clubs at College Park Academy, are somewhat great, and some don't really work out like others. For such a small school, most clubs they don't have room for.
At College Park Academy, in such a small building, drama is very expected in this school. When you think you have a private place to talk, someone is always around the corner listening.
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