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College of Staten Island (CSI) High School for International Studies Reviews

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CSI International Studies has changed my life, when I first came to this school I was struggling academically. The teachers, staff all work together to make a difference. We are a small family, that care for each other down from the principal to the janitor. It has been such a great experience and I know with what I learned here in the last 4years will stay with me for the rest of my life.
Since I transferred to CSIHSIS in junior year, I have felt very welcome. This is due to the great teachers, administration and students.
Csi is a great school the campus vibe is different than other colleges and he campus is beautiful on its own.
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My experience at College of Staten Island High school for International Studies so far has been excellent. It is a small school school so the teachers are very involved with the students. So it is easier to notice the exact problems to help their students improve.
Good school. There are plenty of clubs to be apart of on top of activities to join in in between classes. The library is a very good resource and it is even extended during exam times to help students get more study time. The peers can be friendly, but you really have to push yourself to become apart of the community. The Professors are kind and a great deal of them are passionate about their field. There are often times that students can go during office hours to speak directly with the instructor as well as online availability via emails or other communication apps. The campus itself is beautiful, just enough green to make you feel like nature is apart of your daily life with just enough of the modern feel where you know you're still in a place of education. CSI's sports teams are very competitive and they train hard to battle against other schools.
As a student I feel as if this schools respects my learning environment while being able to push me to do my best. Most teachers are respectful, and the diversity is excellent throughout the school. I always feel safe in school and am able to be confident that safety is a priority to the administration.
Being a senior at CSI High School, I’ve had many experiences. This school is quite a diverse community. There are many opportunities to learn about other cultures. Some include Spanish culture clubs and Chinese classes. After all, our community is all about international studies! Our school also has challenging courses like AP Comparative Government and AP Computer Science. In these courses, we are challenged with very difficult tasks. In AP Comparative Government, we have to learn the vast histories of 6 countries and their modern states. We have to memorize a lot of vocabulary and use deep analysis on articles and country comparisons. In AP Computer Science, we begin to learn about Java, Python, and C++ ?
(programs of code). We use algorithms and abstractions to create programs that stimulate real life situations. My experiences in both of these classes has strengthend my academic character. Today, I am a much more commited student who is determined to reach success.
College of Staten Island is an open CUNY campus that allow students to freely exercises their resources.
I think it's a pretty good school for now. The teachers seem to be pretty good and interested with us, even though the classrooms are very full. The staff helps you out as best as they can, and the hours are very flexible. I'm currently going for nursing and i'm taking the prerequisites now, and they are very interesting and the teachers help you. They are always willing to stay after class and help and answer any questions, and most of them are pretty easygoing.
CSIHS is a high school that genuinely cares about there students. I love attending a school with less than 600 students in it because it is honestly like a family. I will forever be grateful that I chose this high school because it prepared me for the real world and life.
Kind of subpar, felt like high school all over again, except people don't talk to you if they don't know you. Campus wasn't bad by any means; teachers are decent, and ratemyprofessor is your friend.
I loved how small and connected we all were with each other. All of the teachers were very helpful and always encouraged us to do our best. I am truly sad to be graduating from this school because I love it so much.
As a transfer to CSI High School, I really enjoy the safe environment from the previous school I came from. This school is like a family and has many resources to use. I involved myself in many school activities so I am never bored. Making friends was a breeze because of the small environment of almost 110 undergraduates of 2019. Everyone knows everybody so no one is left out. This school loves to keep everyone on their feet.
I had an amazing experience. The teachers are very nice and caring, but the only hard part is that the school is very strict. The sports teams are not the best, but they are very fun. The teachers are strict, but it will prepare you well for college and life in long run.
I found it very tedious being an advanced music student, having required to take certain pre requisite courses that I was unable to opt out of . Money and time wasted when I could have been taking the more advanced courses.
At CSIHSIS I met many new people who I became close with. Not only the students but the staff as well. From the first day the teachers were welcoming and did their best to help me. They would help me with more than school. They provided a guide to help me over the past four years. Whenever I was absent my teachers would give me the work to make up and take time out of their free period to sit with me and explain the work I missed if I did not understand it. The teachers would also give us advice. One teacher that stands out is my advisor. In advisory she would always sit with and make sure we on track in school, in life, and as people overall. At CSI I was seen as a person not just another student. CSI helped me open up. I was very shy and was not outgoing. CSI helped come out of my comfort zone by making me present in front of a class. CSI was a safe place for me.
My experience at CSI High School was great. My guidance counselor helped me immensely with apply for scholarships, applying to colleges that best fit my interest and financial aid. My teachers in CSI High School guided me with my academic work and anything I ever struggled with. Teacher and Staff want me to succeed in life and even after my years in CSI High School. CSI High School always provided extra tutoring classes and opportunities to any student who was struggling or needed help and always acknowledged when a student needed a little extra attention or aid. This was the experience I had in CSI High School and how they helped me pursue my college career and readiness for everyday life and obstacles.
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I like how the school is small so it gives the teachers a chance to really focus on their students since the classes are small. There are clubs and activities for all students. I personally really enjoyed spirit week in our school because it brings everyone together as a school community. I like how the school is very clean and safe.
The College of Staten Island is a great school. I recommend anyone who is entering their first year of college to go to a CUNY school, especially if you want to go into a major that requires a lot of studying. I am going into Nursing, so it is competitive but the money range fits perfectly for anyone who can not afford to pay for a private school.
It a great school. It offer a warm environment to learn in. But the school doesn't offer opportunities that would help me with college. Most things other school have, CSI High school doesn't offer to it students.
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