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I’ve attended CSN for three years now, and have completed the majority of my prerequisites there. To begin, the campus itself is small which makes it easy to maneuver, and parking is never an issue. Each class has a limited capacity so there’s no need to worry about packed lecture halls either. The lectures themselves are fun and the professors never fail to provide a friendly learning environment. In addition, the students are also very friendly and helpful. For college freshmen, I’d greatly recommend CSN as one of their first choices before jumping into university.
My student, like many other students in 2020, struggled amidst the pandemic. Instead of compassion and empathy, this school - College of Southern Nevada High School South - dropped my student on the last of the last week of 2020. This put my student and I in a scramble to find a school to go to in less than two weeks during a time when schools were mostly closed. College of Southern Nevada High School South only cares about GPAs; they couldn't care less about the mental well-being of students! Parents beware: this school will drop your student if his/her grades drop, no matter what the reason. And they'll leave you to scramble to find your student's next school.
I'm barely going to start this year but since I've begun my journey at CSN it's been such a simple and straightforward process to get me started. Despite everything being online, they have done an amazing job at helping me out and ensuring all my questions have been answered in a timely manor. I'm so excited to be starting school at CSN
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College of Southern Nevada High School provided me with opportunities that most junior and senior students never get! This program allowed me to become familiar with the college environment from the age of 17. I obtained my Associate of Science degree two weeks before graduating high school because of this program and it allowed me to enter college as a junior instead of a freshman. I matured much faster than the typical high school student because I was constantly surrounded by real college students as well as professors and I will forever be grateful for that experience and opportunity!
I like many students I have decided to go back to school. Enrolling at College of southern Nevada was very easy. I have met a few great professors along the way. I am happy with my academic advisor as well. College isn’t so intimidating at all at college of southern Nevada
The teachers were very involved and were dedicated to seeing you succeed. The environment was positive for the most part.
College of Southern Nevada South HS was definitely a new experience for me. It helped me tremendously in giving me a college experience while in high school before some of my other peers at my old highschool. There may not be many/any clubs here; however, it is all made up in all the socials (a gathering of the high school students for fun and food), long-lasting relationships built, and of course, the college credits obtained while still in high school.
College of Southern Nevada High School South was an extremely challenging yet rewarding two-year experience. Students applied and competed with other intelligent and driven young men and women to participate in a program with a local community college where, by the end of two high school school-years, could earn enough credits in real college classes to complete an associate's degree. I wish there is more space for more driven students for such an opportunity.
I love going to school here! You meet very caring professors. The whole campus has a great atmosphere and no one is judging you. When school gets stressful and you are struggling; they have many resource centers to help you academically. CSN is a great place to further your education.
Knowledgable instructors, as well support staff in student services who is beyond-willing to assists the students of the college.
College of Southern Nevada is a place I will forever call home. I always feel safe when I walk through the doors. The staff and students are all so friendly and I know I can go to anyone with any question I might have because everyone is so willing to help. Its a very diverse environment and there's many resources available no matter what you're interested in. I highly recommend attending CSN!
College of Southern Nevada High School is incredibly beneficial for college preparation and the development of time management and organizational skills. While challenging, the school provides countless opportunities to earn college credits while concurrently attending high school, and is composed of a tight-knit, family-like community.
College of southern Nevada High school has been the most amazing experience possible. I love the teachers, the freedom to build your own schedule, and the close knit community.
I liked that the class's are small so it gives more one on one with teachers. Also the campus is big and gives a very home feeling. What I didn't like that there are more online class's than in person and that they need to hire more teachers.
CSN high school is a really great school. You get the chance to simultaneously finish your associate's degree and graduate from high school.
It was my first semester ever at college and I was really nervous when I first entered a classroom. I have adjusted to the warm environment the school has brought upon me, especially my work study position in academic advising. Besides the draw back of some professors whether it is being unhelpful or incompetent, the school year has gone by quick and easy. I do expect to enroll for this upcoming semester and continue my efforts toward my associates degree at the College of Southern Nevada.
College of Southern Nevada High School is an amazing program for students who would like to get ahead of the game as far as college goes. The classroom sizes are small, the teachers are well educated, and everyone has the same goal, which is to attend college. College of Southern Nevada also provides high school students the opportunity to attend actual college classes. By the time the students graduate, the students not only have their high school diploma, but they also have at least 36 college credits. Some students even go the extra mile to graduate high school with their associates degree. Everyone at College of Southern Nevada High School is proud and grateful they went there.
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CSNHS provides a great, safe environment to learn and grow. High school juniors and seniors are enrolled in the CSN college and take two years of college classes.
My experience has been good. The people who work there are really nice. The students just mind their own business. The professors are good at their jobs. I like that there is security that walks around to make sure everything is okay. I was scared of college but now I really love it.
Overall I would say Csn is a pretty easy and affordable school. You have many different classes you can choose from and help find what path you want to take for your future.
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