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I really enjoy the freedom this school brings. With the ability to choose my own college schedule I can take classes that are geared towards what I want to do in the future. This also helped me to gain a bit of independence and start growing into an adult sooner. In addition, all of the teachers and faculty at CCHS are spectacular. The classes are challenging without giving hours of busy work to do at home. They are also all incredibly supportive and help to give you the advice and confidence you need to succeed academically and beyond. Overall, I've enjoyed my time there tremendously and hope that any student looking to pave their own way will seriously consider attending it.
College and Career High School is an amazing high school. It is a tight-knit community, and the teachers are all caring and supportive. There is a lot of independence and freedom since students are taking both high school and college classes.
Ever wanted to challenge your intelligence and want to truly see what you’re really made of? At College and Career high, you most certainly get that! At this school you have the opportunity to get your associate(s) degree and a high school diploma at the same time!
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I liked CCHS because it was more independent than other high schools and you can get a huge head start on college.
It’s a really great school for a student that wants to go to high school and college classes at the same time.
I liked how this school worked with me towards my academic goals. At other schools, students follow strict curriculums and have little chance to follow their educational interests. At CCHS, I have been able to do 21 credit hours in college per semester. Their opportunities outmatch every other high school around.
It helps get ahead academically. It allows you to test the different careers you are interested in without the pressure or cost.
College & Career High School give a great advantage to high school students. Students are allowed to come in the fall and must be a 10-12 grader. To be accepted is a first come first serve opportunity. As a high schooler you are allowed to enroll in the local community college or university with out regard of gpa. When you graduate from the high school, you are capable of being a junior when you transfer to a a university. But, you must be responsible. Show up to both your college and high school classes, work hard to receive good grades, and everything will work out to your advantage.
I love being able to go to college and high school at the same time I would just change the difficulty of the high school classes so that theyre a little more challenging.
College and Career High School is an amazing dual credit school that helps students get a head start in life. Students who go there are treated as adults and are prepared for the real world. It's a small school of about 180 people and only about 8 teachers. It's a fast paced learning environment, so a student completes a full credit in a semester, while also attending mandatory college classes. The goal of CCHS is to have each student graduate with their High school diploma and their associates degree in whatever the student chooses. Despite the school being great academically, the students that attend the school are just like any other high school. It's just a bunch of immature teens that need to grow up. That's the only negative part about the school in my opinion.
I would like some new classes to be added to the school, such as Driver's education and P.E. so that students don't have to pay to take the classes elsewhere.
I love this school! The teachers and the students are all fantastic and the curriculum is perfect. The idea of taking college classes at the same time as high school classes is a wonderful idea that really helps me get ahead in life.
College and Career is the best of both worlds for kids who can't or don't want to graduate early, but still want the freedom college classes offer. If you find yourself feeling bored or stifled in your normal classes and want more freedom and stimulation, this school is for you!
Through this High School you receive free college at your own pace and excellent advisors who guide you through your goals one step at a time. This school gives vast opportunity for no cost at all!
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