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Collaborative College for Technology & Leadership (CCTL) Reviews

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Very caring a loving teachers as well a lot of money saved through the program's opportunities. I have loved my time and all the events that have happened here, although since it is such a small school, there are not many clubs and no sports.
My experience at CCTL has been great. All the staff is very helpful and it is an opportunity that all students don’t receive. I will graduate in May 2020 with an Associates in Arts and my High School Diploma. I love the school and it has been a great experience to be apart of. All the teachers make sure that you receive everything you need and that you understand what you’re doing in there class.
Teachers are always trying to help their students succeed. It is difficult, but really will prepare you for the future at college. Everyone is close and friendly. The ability to take college classes allow for individual freedom and help stay motivated and excited about school.
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The classes are small and the teachers go out of their way to ensure that every student understand the concepts and ideas being taught. Each instructor has their own way of having students demonstrate creative thinking in both an empathetic and objective view.
It is very stressful and can be a handful at times, but it helps to prepare you for university and life after high school and college. The staff their do their best, and the teachers are great.
I love that CCTL feels more like a family than a school. Everyone here is very supportive, understanding, and kind.
CCTL was one of the best experiences I ever had as a teenager. The faculty and staff of both CCTL and Mitchell were absolutely wonderful, and the culture of learning is most definitely there.
CTTL is an amazing experience. It afforded me impossible opportunities.
Their funding, care, technology, and size helps.
Watch the parents. Just like Pageant moms. They all want students to succeed. Personal beliefs interrupt healthy relationships. I can't speak for everyone, though.
Always lean on the counselor & teachers you trust. Let them help you mature . This being a college campus (and the course work being so heavy) you will be stressed. Family is best kept far from dysfunctional negativity from yourself.
At it's inception, CCTL was not an average school. It was exceptionally tense, rigid, power-fluxing, and naive. It was also warm, exciting, and inspiring. They are supportive, creative, charming, fulfilling, and heartfelt.
Students keep to their studies. Teachers are not necessarily political. Student groups inspire growth. Routine is established. Support structures are strong. Legacy is awe inspiring. Learning is not squandered.
This is the best opportunity in Iredell Co.
I enjoy the opportunity to earn my high school and 2-year college degree simultaneously. I think that students should be given a little more freedom in regards to personal movement.
I love this school for the pure reason that it is focused on the students. The principle and staff truly want all to succeed. They offer tutoring and help in any way possible. The staff is also welcoming and easy to talk to. Teachers you had your freshman year will remember your name and always be there when needed. The school has a counselor that is trained and prepared to not only help in the academic realm, but is there for personal guidance as well. The school is also an early college high school. With great effort, the school pays for two years of college credits for free for all students who attend the school. They are focused on giving kids, who are at risk of not being able to attend college, the opportunity to gain a meaningful education locally.
The school and staff prepares its students to succeed on both a high school and college level. The fast paced courses and rigorous work are what drives students to do well and complete their education within either a four or five year timespan. The combination of both high school and college courses provides a seamless transition that traditional high schools lack, giving CCTL's students a better perspective of what college life is like.
Very rigorous course work; however, a lot of work tends to be more busy work. I felt like most teachers tried to act like they cared when they just want to look good on paper. I enjoyed this school, but there was a lot of hidden aspects to it that people do not see on the outside. Most people who come to visit see hardworking, dedicated, students. However, most of the staff can be hard to get along with.
For a small school, about 50 per grade, there are quite a few clubs that the students can be involved in. What I liked about the clubs is that most are student-led, which gives each student the chance to go for a leadership role. Many group activities where a leader must be chosen to lead the group to success. This school does a good job for preparing you for the future, but ultimately does not give their students enough experience with privileges and freedom.
Going to CCTL was a beneficial experience. I'm getting my A.A. for free which is incredible! It's fairly stressful balancing high school and college at the same time, but it's worth it. I honestly can't think of anything specific that I would like to see changed at the school. The administration requires us to do a lot of time consuming, unnecessary things, but that's about it.
CCTL is such a great school to attend. I am a current senior getting ready to graduate and I can safely say that I am prepared for college. At CCTL you get the high school experience as well as the college experience given we are an early college program. The teachers and staff work together very well to make sure each student here is ready by senior year to go into a 4 year school. Every student has the option to finish in 4 years, but you have to be willing to work hard and take summer courses. The original plan every student starts on is a 5 year plan- no summer courses just spring and fall. Which ever plan you chose you will graduate with a high school diploma and an Associates in either Arts, Science, or Fine Arts. This is a great school to attend if you really want a head start in the college world. It is tough, but all it takes is some hard work and determination and you will succeed.
CCTL is a really great school that gives students the chance to earn their high school diploma and a 2 year degree from Mitchell Community College in 4 to 5 years time. They really work with you to help you obtain your diploma and free college degree in this time frame. The classes can be challenging, but they can be conquered with a good work ethic. The class sizes are small so you get to know your classmates really well. CCTL and Mitchell Community College classes really teach you many valuable skills that will help you in the future. Attending CCTL has been rough at times, but I do not regret taking the opportunity to attend this school.
I am currently a super senior and ready to graduate this May. In my five years in the program, I would have to say that I am college ready compared to other regular high school students. This program has a lot to offer and pushes students to their best so they can succeed in real life.
CCTL was full of valuable experiences to prepare for both college and life. While the school did not support many clubs, we were able to associate with the community college clubs. The teachers were great as well. Most tried their absolute best to prepare us for college and their classes. The office staff knew everyone's name and made sure to learn freshmen names and faces every year. Overall, it was a welcoming environment and I loved attending this school.
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CCTL was the school of my choice. I had to apply to get into it. Through CCTL, I can get my high school diploma and associates degree. I am a senior in the program now and I love the college atmosphere. My high school classes really prepared me for college. I had small class sizes and got a lot of one on one time with the teachers. I like the family feel smaller schools have. For example, everybody knows everybody. The teachers at the early college really care about the students and push them to get better. I felt like I became more of a leader through the activities I did and the opportunities I had. I also enjoyed playing sports for my home high school throughout my high school years. I believe going to CCTL was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
My experience as a CCTL student was amazing. My freshman year was a little rough because I wasn't used to such a technology-advanced school where the teachers REALLY cared what was being taught and whether or not the students were learning. But moving through the past few years as a CCTL student, I have learned so many things and the teachers are all quite amazing, they teach very well, the work assigned is actually fun to learn about. CCTL does not pick out individuals, rather it is a school where everyone is family and typically all grades know each other somehow. Everyone is always treating each other with respect, and it is simply a great school, I could not imagine where I would be right now if I hadn't gone to CCTL.
Collaborative College of Technology and Leadership is very diverse and focuses on providing each student with a college ready or work ready education. While getting your high school degree, you are able to graduate with an associates degree or some college credits. Each teacher is willing to help and make sure that each student gets the help that they need. Even though CCTL does not have any sports, they have excellent clubs such as Model UN, Interact, and Yearbook. Even with CCTL being located on a college campus, the level of safety is great. There are always security guards walking around on campus or patrolling the parking lot. Overall, CCTL is a wonderful school to attend when trying to improve your education.
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