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I am a senior at coliseum college prep academy. Here they do an amazing job on helping students prepare for college. They were really great on helping me apply to colleges and had all the resources I needed.
What i liked about Coliseum College Prep Academy was the support we get as seniors. We have many staff that have helped us with our college applications and other things in general. Although some teachers and staff are unfair sometimes with certain students, it still has been a good school with helping us to be better students and get a good education. Since 6th grade they have pushed me and many students to do good and better at school and to try harder so we won’t give up. What i would like to see change would be fairness to all students such as not only certain students should get into trouble and others don’t.
Although this high school is full of educational opportunities, it lacks in the way they handle student involvement. It isn't a real high-school experience, we never have any fun exciting rallies to improve the schools community spirit and strength. There is never space for students to have exciting days or breaks, because of how focused the school is on grades. They also lack on providing a support system for students. When a student is acting up, they immediately get sent out of class and the school does not try to understand how the students problems at home impact them. It makes students feel unimportant and like they are being ignored. I hope this school can realize that their students holistic health is far more important than their academic achievement.
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I have been attending Coliseum College Prep Academy since grade 6 and now I'll be an upcoming senior this fall of 2018. CCPA has help not only grow in my academics, but as a person. I've learned many skills that will help me in the real world such as: networking, having a growth mindset and leadership skills. My school is located in East Oakland, a town known for violence and crime, but my school is completely different. It's my safe place and it's where I get the best education I can within my community.
What I like about CCPA is that administration and teachers are very supportive and help you graduate and attend college. Even if this school. lacks some resources it still gets children to Ivy league schools like Stanford, Wesleyan and all UC's. What I wish was that CCPA was a little bigger and have a better diversity . But overall the best school in Oakland.
I am grateful that I'm a student at coliseum college prep acacdemy. The school itself isn't big or has many curricular activities but they set you up for success. They make sure that each and every student is performing good in school and that they've joined at least one program for the summer. One thing that I would change from ccpa is the lack of programs being set up. We should be able to have more options for those in school who don't just like sports.
The staff is very helpful and committed to helping you succeed. The school isn't that big so teachers and counselors regularly check up on you to see if you're doing alright whether it's with schoolwork or you're personal life.
Being as it is a small middle and high school in East Oakland, it might might be easy to make the assumption of it being a weak school with limited resources. Yet, it is the exact opposite of this. Being a small school, it allows for one on one connection for student and faculty. Most of the students are first generation and this comes in handy when filling out applications like FAFSA, the Dream Act, UC apps, or any another college app as many of us have never seen applications like these before. I give my utmost respect for this school, as it the reason I feel college ready!
I like this school because it's in a diverse environment. I also like it because it's very small and you can meet almost everyone at that school.
Some teachers teaching styles are confusing, my other peers agree and it's sometimes just hard to understand what they talk about.
Its as home a school can get and as rewarding six years wait for a diploma. My first year attending this school was my first year of middle school. I had the same math/science teacher and humanities/social studies teacher for two year in a row. There the teachers got to know me and my classmates really well and knew the best way to teach us. The same thing happened with every year. Aside for not having enough funding for a couple of years, the school did its best to prepare me for college. If I could do it all over again, I would rewind the clock to my first day of freshman year and paid close attention every day until graduation for another shoot at better grades, because as I know now in comparison to college, the work back then was a piece of cake.
I honestly do not think I would have succeeded academically in any other school.
My experience at Coliseum College Prep Academy has had its ups and downs. The school has changed so much from what it was a few years ago and even last year. I see this school improving much more. The future for CCPA looks great. I just wish that my early high school years would be more of what it is today. I could have been more prepared for college. But over all I would not go to any other school because I am being successful with all of the obstacles that the school has faced economically and the systems that they had in place. No other school could be like ours its location and the atmosphere that it has no one replicate it. The teachers that are at CCPA do a great job and no one could replace them. They care for all students. I have a learning disability that brings me down from other students but I have managed to get to my senior year and being able to graduate on time. I have been accepted to a four year university.
The schools facilities are okay but are not good enough they could be greatly improved for science. Science classes need a lot of space for labs and all that and it is not available. The buildings at my school are okay but could be improved in the older ones also getting rid of the portables is a must that is not acceptable for the state to have classes being served there. The technology at my school has improved but could use a couple more computer carts. Our guidance counselor is great but we could use another guidance counselor or she could use an assistant so that everyone gets the attention they need. College prep resources are great. Tutoring has greatly improved over the years I take advantage of them and my grades have improved drastically I am very happy at this moment. Parent involvement is great at my school I could not see any other school have this great parent involvement. The transportation is okay since we live in a major city but we could use a van that could transport around 10 students to visit college campuses nearby.
Well I'm not really into sports but from what I see the school does not have enough money to pay for sports and the school isn't big enough to have all of these facilities that where listed above. Also the school has a small student population.
I think the majority of the teacher at my school are great I just think they don't have enough time or space I would say to get to know everyone more individual since class sizes are somewhat big that the kid who does not talk will not get much attention from the teacher.
The social scene at my school is very different or scary since each grade is small that everyone knows each other. I think some people may not feel accepted because a lot of them are very alike.
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I would say there are a variety of clubs at my school. They all push towards a college education that might annoy some students. But there are a lot of clubs and internship connections that the school has to fit any student.
Ive attended this school since the 6th grade it has had a lot of changes. It used to be not that great but it has improved. Back when I was in middle school I hated it but as the school began to improve I would enjoy it more. I am now in my senior year which has been the best year I've had at Coliseum College Prep Academy. I also see how the middle school part of my school has improved so well.
I would choose this school again because i met some amazing people there. All of the students and staff are very friendly and we're all there for one another. I like the fact that the teachers will help you out so that you can get good grades, and they give you the attention that a student deserves. Overall, this is a really good school.
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