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Mostly the only thing I liked their, were the teachers, staff, and hanging with my friends. Most of the time Colfax High School, gave me a lot of stress and uneasy feeling most of the school year.
Colfax high school is filled with students who love what they do and do everything. Most of the students are athletes, scholars, club members, volunteers, musicians, and more. I grew up in the school district and can say I am very grateful for all the teachers that really care about you and want you to succeed. I've received an excellent education including over 20 credits of college courses from them now as a senior in the high school. I also love my peers. I have so many friends, I don't think I can count them all. Colfax High School is a great place to learn and grow!
I have been in the Colfax School District for 13 years, and its home. I love it here. The athletics are great, we have amazing one on one help, and our coaches are fantastic. there's nothing better than small town spirit and being involved in this farming community we have many supporters in the area who love top help with funding.
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Colfax High School is a small school. It is perfect to get individualized help. The teachers are fantastic at making sure you know the topic. The only reason there is 4 stars instead of 5 is that there are some problems between students and the teachers ignore it. They see it and turn the other cheek.
Colfax high school has amazing educational opportunities. The school offers many college classes which meet the expectations as if you were taking it at a university. The teachers are excellent and want nothing more than to set their students up for success. The athletic programs offered at Colfax are phenomenal.Our coaching staff is well known for pushing their athletes to be the best they can be. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in any or all of the clubs and activities. There is something for everyone. However, Colfax's small community results in a lack of diversity and culture. The school district could begin educating students about different cultures so that they could easily adapt to change after graduation. Overall, Colfax High School opens a world of opportunities for students and everyone should look into enrolling. It has a wonderful education program and receives tons of support from the small community.
I enjoy being a student at Colfax High School because of the smaller class, so you get more one on one time with your teachers. Also, Colfax High School is well known for being very competitive with its sports and clubs. Go Bulldogs!
Need better technology and more options of classes.
Not much need for police and medal detectors
Lot of different ones to choose from.
I didn't really deal with many parents of other students
As a whole teachers care. There are some that are getting older and don't care as much about teaching us.
There is hardly any issues with bullying here and the health programs are good enough.
The school is very good with the health of the students, since we have a school nurse, and other ways to insure the health of the students. The safety of the school is very good also, I personally always feel very safe with the other students around me. Plus the school has security cameras, closed campus, and locked doors during school hours and after school hours.
Almost every student in the school has or is part of some after school extracurricular activity. Most students are in some kind of athletic activity or FFA ( Future Farmers of America). These activities have helped students make new friends and learn more about making a successful team.
I enjoy this school overall since it is a smaller school. This means that students get more one on one time with teachers. School is also really friendly to all types of students. For example many of the students try to get the special need students in many of the school events, or having the special need students site with them at lunch.
The teachers at Colfax High School are generally good at teaching students and helping them if they have a problem. However, there are some teachers who are not always friendly and approachable, which is a problem when you have a question on homework and are to scared to ask the teacher.
They are good at teaching but it is clearly evident which students the teachers like more than others.
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Academics are great here! We are pushed to work hard at all times. We don't have much variety, however, and some teachers forget that we are only high school students, and grade us upon whether the teachers like us or agree with their opinions.
Colfax High School has a variety of clubs and organizations available for students. The problem is that students are pushed to do sports, rather than join clubs.
It is an extremely well put together school. There are available college classes for upper-classmen as well as multiple classes centered around career development. The issue is the school, and sometimes the community, are only focused on sports. I myself competed in an FFA Contest at the National level, but no one seemed to think it was a big deal because it wasn't a sport. Same with other clubs and activities throughout the school.
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