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Coleman Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Through out middle school and high school I feel like I have not been challenged enough. The teachers could have been better, more homework assignments, and more hands on learning. Preparing for the SAT’s seemed hard because all the teachers would say was “this will be on the SAT”, or “prepare yourself for the SAT”; they did not actually help. There were some good things, however, team work in sports, the few teachers who valued education, and helping with college readiness. When it came to senior year, that’s when teachers and counselors became more involved and had representatives come in to talk to us about our options. Specific events like that would have also been appreciated in junior year to help prepare us and get us thinking about our college/career options.
From my experience, the counselor did not help prepare me for college. I missed out on testing out of classes because of school scheduling conflicts, and there was a lot of teacher bias. Other than that, I feel like I learned a lot because I pushed myself to learn the material.
I have had some great experiences at Coleman High School. Most of the staff is qualified and does a really effective job. The only problems are with the facility itself, although I believe with the new superintendent that changes are on their way.
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Though my school may have friendly teachers that are willing to help students, it does need a lot of work. The teachers are not well trained, and substitutes are not always available. The materials we are given are sometimes incomplete or out of date, and the school does not have the funding to give students the most advanced technology. The school does not Even offer enough math classes to meet the requirements for graduation. Students must either take a class at another school, or take agrascience, which for some reason counts as a math credit despite the fact that math is not a part of the curriculum.
Close knit school.Parents of students very involved .instructors need to increase preparedness for academics after highschool
I really like the food the and being able to talk to my friends at school and something I dont like would be the bathroom.
The teachers here are very friendly and are always encouraging the students to do their very best. However, there isn't much technology there yet and a lot of the school is severely outdated.
I wish that they're were more activities outside of sport related activities for kids. They have some clubs like student council, quiz bowl, model UN, etc. Since I have graduated they have added more with bowling, robotics, archery, etc and that is cool.
Personally, I enjoyed marching band the most even when the band teacher lost it several times when things weren't going perfect.
Some kids do not get the help the need when they are struggling. Unfortunately, the ones that are struggling want to do well, but have difficulty learning. When asking the teachers for help they aren't always the best "teachers."
Our health and safety measures are taken very seriously. We may not have security guards at our school, but we always have at least two cops right in town by our school. In order to even enter the building you must first walk through the office and sign in. They will not just let anyone enter the school without a purpose. There is a no bullying rule and bullying will not be take lightly. If you are being bullied there is a counselee you are allowed to talk to. The couseler is amazing and has helped many students (some who weren't even being bullied) get through hard challenges in life. Students who bully are to be suspended after they are warned to stop.
Homecoming, prom, sports, and star are some of the great extracurricular activities provided to us. Sports and dances are probably head on with how popular they are and with how many people attend. Star is very popular though because it gives students a chance to be involved in something that they get to put their opinions in and create their own creative ides for things that happen around the school. No matter your interests, no matter what you believe is fun, they try to have a program for everyone to participate in. Yearbook is another fun way for students to go to sporting events and take pictures. Its such a memorable event that truly captures memories for graduates to have in their yearbook.
I would choose this school again because they truly try to make many opportunities available to you such as job shadowing to figure out what you want to do in life, extra curriculum activities such as field trips, they are expanding their programs they offer in the school. Just last year they added an Agriculture Program because farming is such a popular and important thing in our small town. Sports and band are offered to students. They may not offer quite as much as other schools but I would attend this school again in a heartbeat because of the teachers and staff members of the school. They truly care for each student and educate them to the best of their abilities. I know it will only be a matter of a time before the school gets funded for more activities and classes.
The teachers make it a point to always be sure you are prepared for any tests or quizzes. They are friendly in school as well as outside of school. I always felt comfortable and educated while attending their class.
I really enjoy being a student in this school. It is a small school, but I do not see that as a disadvantage. Everyone is involved in many different activities and there are many unique opportunities. I have been with the same group of students since Kindergarten and would choose this school again if given the choice.
Coleman wasn't a bad school, it was just small and didn't offer that many classes.
The athletic facilities need to be updated, but the school has a lot of school spirit.
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The teachers are very knowledgeable & helpful to students.
There are a variety of clubs & organizations to participate in for a small town school.
I wish we had better bus drivers and air conditioning.
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