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I loved how people made you feel like a community even as being someone that moved into the district.
Overall, I loved the atmosphere of Coleman High. The staff always had an inviting and positive relationship with students and co-workers. The thing that I think needs to change with Coleman High is the diversity. There is very little of it. Hopefully as the years move forward, more people of diverse cultures are brought to Coleman and are welcomed with open arms.
I always feel safe at Coleman High School. There has never been a time that I was scared to be there.
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There are many different extra curricular activities for after school available through Coleman High School. Some examples are equestrian team, one act play, forensics, sports, Hi-Q, national honor society, student council, and so much more. All the leaders of the groups are extremely passionate about them and are very welcoming to anyone who wants to be a part of them.
My overall experience at Coleman High School has been amazing. Not only is the school great, but the community is as well. Everyone is so kind and wants the very best for the students. if I had to do it all over again I would definitely choose Coleman High School. I feel that they have greatly prepared me for life after high school.
The teachers at Coleman High School are very passionate about everything that they do. You can tell that they love their jobs because they love teaching kids. They are always very willing to help in school and outside of school. They are very organized and always grade assignments quickly so their students know how they're doing in the class.
I have had a great experience, and wouldn't want to change things.
The acedemics prepare the students for the future.
The quality of the facilities are very good. Our technology could use soem improving. All other involvment is good.
The school has a strict but an effective discipline system. There is rarely any bullying problems. The principal and the other staff are easy to get along with and friendly.
Our school has a very challenging but fun fitness program. You are required to take at least 3 credits of phy. ed. There is aslo a weight room that the students and community is able to use after school everyday.
There are a lot of extracurricular activities to choose from. There is football and girls volleyball is the fall. There is both boys and girls basketball, and choir all year round. There is also the healthy youth collition. In the spring there is track and field, softball, and baseball, most of these are free or cost very little. They are open to all students.
Its average for a school.
There are maybe 14 teachers for the entire high school--therefore, there are not many class choices available. If you dont like a particular teacher--too bad, as you will be stuck with that teacher for all 4 years, since there is 1 teacher for most subjects.
This school offers an excellent wrestling program for young boys and girls and have exceeded to state four years in a row win state 3 out of the 4. Along with the extravehicular activities this school offers general classes and some AP class available to the students though online classes.
This school does not have a large variety i cultures due to the small population of the town. But all people are accepted for who they are. There are programs that students can participate in as young pre-teens to help midi ate the to participate in learning
This school's lunch program has been faulty in the past. Many students do not get enough food to fill themselves before tackling the rest of the day. There is only one option of lunch available to students unless thy would like to participate in the "Cash Bar" program. This program consists of a little store where students can buy food for themselves. Although the price seems unreasonable to some students.
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The food is all government food that is shipped in for free and supplied to our school. The food is all sub par and I feel as if our school is losing money because so many kids do not like or eat the food.
We have a relatively young teaching staff at our school. They are very up to date with all their knowledge and teaching strategies, and most of them are very involved in many things around the school as far as going above and beyond the expected.
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