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Coleman High School is a small 3A school in Coleman Texas. It has many opportunities like sports, academics, FFA, FCCLA, FBLA, ACE, the Bluecat News Network, and band. It's a small environment so everyone knows who you are. The facility staff and teachers are good. During lunch, we as students are allowed to take an off-campus lunch instead of eating in school food. Pretty much a good place for a small town to attend school in.
It be alright. The teachers are fantastic and the students are fairly friendly. There are not really enough clubs or activities for students to participate in. The food served in the cafeteria is awful but the school allows off campus lunch so it is not that big of a deal.
Excellent high school. The faculty and staff is very understanding and will go the extra mile to help their students.
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Coleman High School makes it their mission to make sure all students are involved in something. The academics at Coleman High school are phenomenal and really prepare students for life after high school. The only thing I would change at Coleman, is the amount of resources and add in more clubs and organizations. With more opportunities to adventure out in, students can grow more as people and find something they truly love doing.
I like how friendly everyone is and the staff is very helpful. There are great classes offered and resources to help every kid. The school itself is very safe due to the fact that all doors are locked at all times.
There is amost no bullying and staff will work with you on anything. Whether it be academic or scheldue due to sports. There is a study night every Tuesday which is very helpful to students.
I believe that Coleman high school is definition of how a regular high school experience I suppose to be. The teachers are incredibly helpful, the extracurricular activities are very fun, and we have one of the best principals in in charge of our school. I believe this the definition of american high school experience, and all the fun there is.
Coleman High School is the most loving school you could really ask for. Walking down the halls and getting a pat on the back about a basketball game that happened last night is a great feeling, joking around with teachers but still keeping it professional. I recommend going to Coleman anytime someone would ask me!
I really enjoy the sports and academics. But, the administration is poor, and that's not just coming from me as a student but from many parents and community members.
There are many academic choices in my school. Most of the classes are all the same until you reach your senior year. If a student knows what he or she wants to do, they can take the courses the school offers to help their career pathway. Some of the offers are Advanced Dual Credit Welding, Veterinary Medicine, Medical Terminology, and numerous dual credit courses.
Coleman is very small and not a super wealthy community so the student population is very accepting. Nobody really judges people, but with that comes an increase in peer pressure. Since everyone dresses and acts the same, people usually do the same things. Although there aren't many sexually and ethnically diverse people, students wouldn't treat them any different. Coleman High is very accepting of everybody.
Many options with various activities to do for everyone to do. Nobody is left out but not everyone has to participate. There is an after school program called ACE and the hold many extracurricular, fun stuff. They will have things like cooking, building rockets, making your own guitar, and many other activities with a broad spectrum. There is after school programs to help you get your grades back up to where they need to be also. A few teachers a week will stay until after football practice is over for the athletes and help them if they need the help. All around the extracurricular opportunities at Coleman High are great and numerous.
This school has given me the knowledge I need to move on to the next educational level. I have played football and basketball and have made many great memories. I would definitely do it all over again and go back to Coleman High, not to change anything, but to relive all the great experiences.
The teachers in my school are very generic. They often hold after school studies but aren't really engaged in the after school help. Also, they aren't that good at communicating with the lessons they teach. Most of the times I barley understood the lesson, but they would always be there after school or after class to reexplain what I didn't understand.
The high school recently added more security to the doors, students, faculty and staff now have to wear ID bagges all day while they are on school grounds. These IDs also had a chip in them so that we could get into the doors of the school which could only be unlocked by scanning the ID. If a visitor did not have a badge, they had to ring a doorbell that had a camera in it at the main entrance and be let in by an office worker.
There are many extracurricular opportunities at this school. Athletics as a whole includes: Track and Field, Cross Country, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Football, and Powderpuff (once a year). Then there is FFA which involves judging, chapter conducting, showing livestock, speaking events, and many other things. FCCLA and band are also big extracurriclar activities here too. All of these clubs and orginizations are supported greatly by the community and student body.
I would definitely go back to this school if i could do it all over again because it is a very enviting environment. The students, for the most part, all support each other in all school organizations whether it be football or FFA. Coming home from an FFA contest you can almost garantee that the football players would ask you how you did.
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The teachers at this high school will do almost anything for the students that they teach. If you ask them to stay after school to help you, most of the time they will.
The principal and all office staff are always there to fix any problems you may have.
There are usually never any problems. If there is a problem the school police man glad takes care of the situation and brings everything back to normal when needed.
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