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The teachers are great. They invest in every student and put forth extra effort to see you succeed. The administration didn't seem to be very well organized and I had extra courses thrown at me my last semester of school ( I was a transfer student- students that had been at CV since freshman year had no problems).
My experience at Cole Valley was nothing less than a gift from God. I showed up at Cole Valley desolate, unsure of who I was, and I left with an unexplainable joy and confidence in who I am and who I am becoming. If you are wondering if Cole Valley is the place to send your child, I can say without an ounce of hesitation that Cole Valley is a wonderful school. There are challenges just with any other school, because there are people involved. There is nothing I regret about my experience at Cole Valley, except that I won't get to be there next year.
Cole Valley was an amazing experience for me. I feel well equipped for my next year at college and I cannot wait to see what the future brings. Cole Valley will always hold a special place in my heart.
Absolutely the best Christian school!!!! My kids are going on year #5 at CV. We love the staff, teachers and principals. Everyone is helpful and eager to teach our kids. All the parents are very involved and we strive to help as much as we can. Teacher there have hearts of gold. I highly recommend Cole Valley Christian Schools. Lower Campus pre-k.-6th and upper campus 7th-12th.
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I think Cole Valley has a special atmosphere that most schools (yes, even private schools) don't have. Cole Valley, while it is small has an amazing education. It is advanced and expectations are very high, but the teachers are full of grace and are willing to help those who want to learn more or are struggling. The teachers become friends while you become a person rather than just a number at the school.
Cole Valley has been a great place to learn and grow, and I feel like I have benefited from attending the school.
Cole valley Christian is an excellent school. One reason i really like it is because it’s small and so you know everyone. The teachers are always willing to help you and help you reach your goals, such as going to college. We have AP classes to help us when we move onto college and helps with getting a better understanding of the requirements. Even though we are only a 2A school our sports teams do very well and we build lots of relationships with the people on our teams. We also get to have chapel and worship God all together, we get guest speakers and get to sing to worship music.
Small school with good foundations and intensive education! College almost seems easy now. Wish the students were a bit nicer though, but that's just my personal experience.
Cole Valley gave me a great start toward my College education.

They taught me American History and made me proud to be American with our trip to Washington DC.

The teachers really cared about their students and wanted each of them to succeed. We had to be respectful and had consequences for not abiding by the rules. Honesty and trust were valued as well as honor to God. Just an overall great education.
Cole Valley is an amazing school. The students, the faculty, the classes, and the actives are all inviting and welcoming to participate in. The academics are rigorous and you can take AP, dual enrollment, and honors courses according to your academic strengths. I took full advantage of those opportunities and graduated from Cole Valley with a full semester's worth of college credits.
I was at Cole Valley from 10th-12th grade. It was a great school! I did well academically because some of the teachers I had were helpful and encouraging. Sports were great too. Once my class graduated, all the good teachers I had quit. My class was a great class. We had barely any drama and overall we all got along together (no cliques). I feel bad for the younger kids because those teachers were the best and I heard they changed some rules after my class had left. My sisters are currently in the elementary campus but soon will be at the high school one. I've heard several different rumors which could make or break the school so hopefully they fix those or else my sisters probably won't go there. Overall, I feel like there are varied methods on how Christianity is portrayed and taught in the school which can cause confusion to students. That was the only major problem I had with the school.
Words cannot express how satisfied I with Cole Valley! A year ago we moved our 12 year old daughter from public school to CVCS. During the past year, we have seen her grow in confidence and find her to be so much happier than she was in public school. Class sizes are small and students are held accountable for their actions. As a public school educator myself, I can attest to the fact that the Cole Valley staff goes above and beyond expectations academically, socially and spiritually.
My 3 boys have been at CVCS since Kindergarten. They have enjoyed being known by their teachers who know how to challenge them individually. They enjoy discussing spiritual things including both Bible study and Biblical insight into current events. They have been academically challenged and my oldest came out well prepared to handle the college load with little difficulty. The coaches definitely discipled the athletes in far more than just the playbook, by trying to prepare them to be good husbands, fathers, and co-workers. We have been so pleased with the quality of their friends and the ability to live a regret free school life.
I really enjoyed Cole Valley Christian High School. I have been attending the Cole Valley Christian Schools since my 8th grade year, I am currently a senior. One thing I would like to see change is how Administration handles discipline. They tend to deal every case individually and the punishment is often not fair. Other than this, I really enjoyed everything CVCS offered to me.
Small community, easy to get involved in. Teachers and administration take a strong interest in student's achievement as well as lives outside of school.
I love Cole Valley! The teachers want to see you succeed in academic, spiritual, emotional and social areas for you as a person. The community of Cole Valley is what is truly valuable. The teachers and administration are lovely people. At school, you will talk about issues with the modern world and all the teachers are willing to help you if you are struggling. The Bible department pushes you to fully understand Christianity and how it applies to you. It certainly is not a perfect school but I enjoy it. The administration can be a little inconsistent on certain issues which I would love for that to change for the better.
The atmosphere at Cole Valley is one like none other. The teachers are so loving and always provide you with everything you need help with. This really is a Jesus-loving school and you can see it in the students and staff
Cole Valley is a school full of fake students and parents as well. Most of the staff there have huge egos. The Vice principle does not even have a degree in teaching. He is continually bias towards the kids. the science teacher is nothing short of an arrogant jerk who constantly shames kids he does not like.
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I loved how CVCS prepared students for life outside of high school. They are a Christian school and although they made their beliefs known, they didn't force anyone to believe the same things as them. They had a personal finance class my senior year there that helped prepare me for the world and kept me out of debt. They made sure to have a number of clubs and activities to keep the students involved and weren't afraid to talk about the issues that were troubling the world today. It was a great place to get an education and I graduated high school with my first year of college already done.
I was there for 13 years and I absolutely love it. I had the time of my life at this school and grew so much during my time there. I made friendships to last a lifetime and I learned so much!
Cole Valley Christian Schools is an inviting and fun environment. I have attended CVCS since 2nd grade and will be graduating this May. My education has been exciting because of the teachers who get the students engaged in the lessons.
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