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Overall I have had a good experience at CHS. I will miss High School, however I am most excited to head to college to start another chapter of my adult life.
I love this high school. The administration and teachers are so kind and understanding. We also have freedom in this school as it's not so strict.
The academics programs were very strong in regards of AP classes compared to other competing high schools. The school persisted of the main sports like soccer, football, basketball, baseball and lacrosse. The soccer team for boys and girls were one of the best teams in the state but the other sports were lacking in skill. This is partially due to the fact that the school was so small not a lot of people try out. The school should have done better to add more sports like volleyball and such. The extracurricular clubs and activities were also lacking. Not only was there a not a lot of clubs but there were also not advertised meaning it was extremely hard to join clubs.
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The high school gives a lot of opportunity for students and generally provides a safe environment for learning and growing academically and personally. It is very safe, as students fighting on school grounds in very rare. However, there is a lack of diversity and often times, discriminatory behavior is left unaddressed.
I think that Colchester High School is one of the top schools in Vermont. The teachers we have are absolutely incredible. If you have any problems, questions or just want someone to talk to they are always there to assist you in any way to make sure you are successful. Education and doing your best is most important to our teachers and they make it very able for students to succeed.
Colchester High School is a very good school that prepared me very well for my freshman year of college. My only complaint would be the lack of certain AP classes or association with business conventions which seem common elsewhere. However, for the size of the school we did still have adequate opportunity for AP classes. Perhaps the biggest benefit to me of attending CHS was the ability to learn outside of the typical classroom, with access to a variety of online class as well as the chance to travel for classes.
Teachers are great and will go the extra mile for you. There’s also lots of activity’s and interests for everyone. School pride is great and most people get into something, whether that be a sport, band, chorus, or club.
The 4 years I spent there were great! The teachers are great with all the students and make learning fun!
I love my high school and i have a ton of friends. It's a very good school and we have some of the highest test scores in the state.
The teachers there are very caring and genuinely care about the students and their needs. The school is very unified and everybody knows everybody and we are like a big family.
Colchester HS is a great school. Most of the teachers know their subjects and teach them well, especially in the AP classes. The community is tight and high spirited. They prepare you well for college if you put in the effort.
My school has offered my numerous opportunities for success in and outside of the classroom. I've had the opportunity to learn a foreign language, travel to our nation's capital to watch the inauguration in 2017, travel to Quebec City, learn about numerous cultures and histories, and expand upon my knowledge in all fields of study.
I like most of the things in Colchester because it has a really welcoming society. But indeed, maybe they should put like a bus for students who wants to do sport but do not have rides home; I think this will add another opportunity for everyone to be included in the school sports or activities. o
Teachers are good, school events are often a big deal and they're fun. Music and theatre are both huge, almost as much involvement as sports.
I loved going to CHS. I thought it was an incredible place to grow up. I feel like the school really prepared me for the rest of my life. Amy Minor was an amazing principal, and now she is superintendant, and I feel this will really make Colchester even better. The classes were great, the teachers were smart and really cared about me. If I ever have kids in Vermont, I want them to go to Colchester!
My overall experience at CHS has been positive, as I have had the opportunity to make multiple connections with peers and teachers, and have been able to achieve my goals of college readiness and academic success in a respectful and responsible environment.
My overall experience at Colchester High School has been positive. My involvement in multiple extracurricular activities has allowed me to experience a large portion of what CHS has to offer.
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I had a really good experience at CHS because I loved the culture and atmosphere. I especially loved the school spirit and pride, and playing in a state championship was one of the highlights of my high school career. I liked most of my teachers and classes, especially the opportunities that were available to me (i.e. job shadows, internships).
Our school does not enforce many safety policies but we still manage to be very safe overall.
Kids often jump from activity to activity without much commitment. Many kids play more than one sport at once so then cannot fully commit to either sport. Not many extracurricular activities available. Teachers are engaged in the activities.
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