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I like how teachers become personally involved with their students, and create a special bond. As I enter my senior year becoming prepared for college is stressful. The administration works hard to find scholarships, checks your NCAA eligibility, and uses Xello to help you have ideas of what you want to pursue for a career.
I enjoy the fact you know everyone. I do not walk down the halls and wonder who I just passed. Everyone gets along for the most part, and I enjoy the bonds between everyone.

If I had the power to change anything, I'm not sure I would have to use it.
I liked that Colby Senior High School was a small school so you knew everyone. It was like a family going to school. Especially since you go to school with the same people for all your life. Also, I liked the clubs and activities at CHS. There was an art club that I really liked and our Student Council was also very strong. Since we had a strong Student Council we had the best dances like homecoming and snowball. Also out homecoming football and spirit week was awesome. The teachers at CHS are all very friendly and know the students by their names. If a student ever needs help they can get help from any teacher before or after school.
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Good English and Art departments. Upper-level administration seems to make decisions that don't take into consideration the students, just donors or atheletes.
What I like about Colby Senior High School is that everyone get along great with each other. All of the teachers are very nice and do their best to help someone learn a subject that they are struggling with. The students are helpful to those that are new to the school, they show them around with a positive attitude.
I did not like this school. As a student I found it very hard to get ahead at my school because of the higher positions ruling everything. The school is full of lies and corruption. Also, the school system cares more about funding the superintendent than it cares about actually funding the school. There is hardly any class electives that could prepare you for life. With that being said, I love the student body. We have really stepped up to try and make a difference when we were allowed to.
I'm a senior at Colby High School. I have attended all four years of my high school career. I've been involved in many activities such as various volunteer groups, sports, and artistic clubs. All of which, have been led by CHS teachers and faculty. The staff is very helpful and understanding of the students and my peers have been extremely supportive here during my time at CHS. We have many useful resources such as a community college a block away which helps significantly. No high school is perfect, but my time at Colby High School is something I'll never forget.
I was very pleased with my experience at Colby Senior High School. I was very prepared for my college experience. My teachers were very knowledgeable and patient.
There are a number of clubs that you can participate in, but the clubs really don't do much there are just pointless meetings.
The sports opportunities at the school are good. I have been in 3 sports at the school and at some point have enjoyed all of them.
I love this school because of the students. At times they can be awful but they always come around. The sports teams are also a reason I like my school.
Most teachers do a good job, but there are some teachers that cover just enough to make sure they aren't fired, which is somewhat frustrating.
The experience has been ok overall. Some students are nice others are not. I would come back.
The teachers are always kind to the students. If a student needs help they know they can come ask a teacher a question.
I think that they (the school) could improve in they health department. The nurse is barley ever here.
For the most part, we don't have many clubs and after school organizations at this school.
My favorite experience with this schools is having teachers that really impact your life. Seeing the way some teach and teaching in a manner that every single class will understand. Not only that, but you make some really great friends (if you find the right one) and even teachers out side of school are just as friendly. I would choose this school all over again, without this school I wouldn't have the knowledge that I do now.
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Most teachers do a great job when it comes to their job. Others lack in the department of helping students that just don't get it. Some teachers will go out of their way to stay after school and help students with homework or just go over things that they (the student) doesn't understand.
The teachers at CHS really do get involved with the students in many ways. They encourage students to get better and they don't let anyone fall behind without trying to pick them back up. The teachers are always available to help the students with most anything they need. They are caring and most of them go above and beyond. Many teachers I have had really show they truly care not only about your grades but also about your well-being. They encourage you to do the right thing both in and outside of school. They ask questions and truly get involved and get to know each and every one of their students.
My school recently installed security cameras, which has helped the feeling of safety in many students. However, the secretary is required to let in every person who rings the bell outside.
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