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It was an awesome school with a great music program. The music teacher goes way above and beyond expectations. The parents and other staff get involved in it. The sports programs area excellent. Basketball and Cross Country and Track are all sports I participated in. The FFA program was fantastic. I was able to participate at the National Level and got to be really involved. The principal was very approachable and kind. She helped me with any problems that I had.
My overall experience with Colby High School is very good in my opinion. I wouldn't say it's excellent, because it has its flaws, but it isn't terrible either. The teachers are very good. They connect with their students and teach the curriculum very well. We students learn everything needed for college. Our technology, however, isn't very fast. We have computers that take up to 30 minutes to turn on, and they are older too. The food at Colby High School is average, and we don't have a great deal of diversity either, but overall, my experience has been very good.
Had a good time attending, worst thing is definitely some of the school lunches, the teachers are great, lots of classes and opportunity to get higher level credit while still in High School.
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Extracurricular opportunities are great at CHS, the teachers that administrate the clubs are committed and always have ideas for possible new ideas.
My favorite experiences so far with the school is being able to be involved in clubs and being able to help students in lower grades with classes. One thing that makes Colby High a place people would not choose is because the lack of acceptance there tends to be with people of color.
The teachers overall are great, some are not the best but other teachers are willing to step up and provide the help a student may need. Many teachers are able to teach in different styles which helps students who may not learn from traditional teaching styles.
There are a bunch of extracurricular activities that student can participate in whether it be sports, FCCLA, forensics, psychology club, Spanish club, NHS, Student Council. There is something for everyone to join should they choose to. The staff and community supports all of the activities. But, the thing is funding is a little tight so the things we do within the activities would either have to be small or out of the students/teacher's pockets.
I have met my best friends through this school, so of course that would make my judgement biased. But, other than that the teachers are very good at what they do and how they do it. I think what I love most about our school is that we can come together as one when we need too. Also that there isn't a lot of bullying going on, in any high school you can expect some bullying but I'm proud to say that our school doesn't have a lot.
My school's teachers keep the students engaged in the learning process. And actually can trick us into learning more than we ever thought we could. If we have a question, the teachers are always able to explain. I have one teacher who answers every single one of my questions, and honestly I ask probably about 12 daily even if it doesn't pertain to the assignment or topic, and she doesn't get annoyed with it like some teachers may. The grading consistency is a little wary but most of the teachers grade fairly based on what was turned in.
We are very locked down, good with security and can only let people in through buzzing in through a door, lots of security cameras.
There are a few to choose from, not many to offer but they are sufficient enough to keep some students who want to be involved, involved.
There is a lot of parent support through athletics and non athletic events at our school. Although some could be a little more involved academically
There are really only a select few teachers that go above and beyond and really care about students. The rest just do work and go home and could really care less about each student
Can be good or bad depending on the main course
I wish some programs would focus more on their sport versus punishment
I enjoy the clubs at colby high school.
You get to know ever body at school and that's good but also bad. If you do something stupid everyone will know with in matter of hours. If you don't look or act the same as everyone you will be picked on or people wont like you. Everyone has there own group that they stick too and rarely go to another group. Sports are a big thing if you are not in them you are seen as lazy, weak or a nerd
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Teachers are required to have the same grading scale, but they are not required to grade in the same fashion or the same materials. There are differences from teacher to teacher and this can cause some difficulties.
People at our high school are not very good at accepting others who are not like them, sexually or racially. These people tend not to see others' views and are simple minded. However, the majority of people are tolerant of the views of others.
Our community is very small so the fans that come consistently and for nearly every sport's home games are appreciated greatly. It's awesome to see someone who went to school 50 years ago come to cheer on the kids.
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