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Colbert County High School Reviews

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I love colbert county. They have a diverse staff who meets the needs of all students. Colbert County is striving to prepare students for a real word in which they are expected to be college or career ready.
I like Colbert County High school for many reasons. Some of them may not be as big as others, but I like the school because the teachers all care. Every teacher I have had has pushed me to do my best and challenged me to get smarter everyday.
Colbert County High School is a very community oriented school district. They care about how students are treated and try and conform to individual needs. The only problem is the administration tries to change us into being like a bigger school, but we are based around tradition and I believe that we should stick with it. It is what makes us Colbert County
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It's a great school I love going to Colbert county high school. One thing I would change is the breakfast it's the same thing every morning there is nothing different I suggest they switch it up like have something different each morning
I like the band at Colbert county high school. I am A member in the Colbert County high school Pride of the tribe Band, Marching and concert, I have fun and learn new things every year. One thing I would like to see changed is our foreign language class to where we can learn what ever languages we want since that class is online.
I like the environment. Everyone knows everyone. It’s pretty easy to get along with some teachers and students. I would like to see my teachers care more and would help each student individually if needed
Colbert county high school is a good school and has teachers that help you with your work. Overall this school has helped me out a lot and still is.
I love this school. I am glad that I went there. I miss all my teachers and classmates there. I loved the school lunches and all the activities that the school provided us during each school year. I love going to the school's pep rallies and football games. This school knows how to bring a community together.
Special security measure is practiced a lot.
Sports were king at my school, especially football.
The social scene was all beer drugs and sex and rock n roll.
There really wasn't much of a health policy without a school nurse.
My overall high school experience was good and I had a lot of fun.
It was a very laid back high school, not a lot of problems for a southern school.
Typical lunch and cafeteria there is nothing spectacular about it.
The sports and athletic teams are up to the true Southern tradition of greatness.
The curriculum wasn't exactly stellar but it wasn't terrible either.
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My teachers were all honest with me about the real world and what it would be like after high school.
The guidance counselor is very helpful...when she's around. She has a lot of knowledge and will readily do what is needed, but she is so busy that its sometimes hard to get in time with her.
The teachers here are amazing. The older ones have a lot of experience and know what they are doing. Newer teachers are still getting into a rhythm, but this makes things fun because they are learning with us and we're growing together.
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