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Col. Zadok Magruder High School Reviews

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Magruder is a school that is as good as you make it. Plenty of resources and opportunities, but no one ever wants to take advantage of them. Some of the staff are incompetent but others are some of the best people you'll ever meet. The school culture is very interesting in that everyone likes to be lazy. Sports teams aren't the best but events are still fun. Administration is wack.
Its diverse and full of potential leaders of America. Everyone is so strong minded and driven by kindness and goal. The only change I would make is the safety of the school. The security system needs to be better planned out and detailed.
I spent 4 years at Col. Zadok Magruder High School and it was an average high school experience. The facilities was not the best and the school is fairly old when a lot of other schools in the county have received renovations. The teachers were hit and miss, as some teachers really wanted to connect with their students when others do not care at all and do the same thing every year. The social environment is alright but the teachers and administration don’t support school spirit as much as they should. Some classes are very badly proportioned, with almost 30 students when other classes barely have 10 people. I am glad to move on from this school and i won’t come back when my friends from other schools truly relished their high school experience.
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It is an okay school academically however fights do happen so beware. The teachers are great and love what they teach. If you can get over the fights and occasional trash can fire it is a really good school. The drama program is amazing.
I like how the classes make us work hard. We have many academies and classes made to let us see what career we would like to go into.
I had a very great years at Magruder High School. The teachers are very nice and they help students with whatever needs with the academic works. The counselor are great too, they help organize your academic schedule and make sure you’re on track.
I liked the environment and most of the time i liked the people as well. I wish we had better classes for the preparation of life and college. I wish there was better food or we were at least allowed to leave the school grounds to get better food but Magruder is not fully at fault for that. If i could change something i would probably change a few of the rules, fire some lazy teachers ready to retire, and fight to get the broken things fixed.
Some things that I liked about Magruder high school were the teachers who worked there. When I was a freshman, I was able to met a lot new friends who I stayed friends with all though high school. This high school was a great experience for me, from the positive atmosphere, to the after school programs. I was surprised by how many after school clubs and sports there were offered to me. The coaches were always encouraging and always helped in anyway that they could. Even though Magruder does offer a large variety of classes to take from engineering to business. They were missing the one class that I really wanted to take. That class was American Sign Language. My freshman year was the first year that they didn't have that class available to students. I was highly disappointed, since I really enjoy ASL and want to make it my major in the future. I would overall recommend Magruder to anyone that likes diversity and a variety of classes.
It makes high school not seem as scary as it's portrayed, but that doesn't mean that there aren't improvements that could be made. The teachers are welcoming and made me feel less scared when I was a freshman, and I really appreciate that, but many teachers are clearly disinterested in their subject and are trying to do the bare minimum. Also, most sports at this school do poorly, and that discourages me from trying out for any of them.
Its a very diverse school with amazing people. The people at this school are very hardworking students and work hard for their future. The teachers give their best efforts to make sure that all students pass. Our experiences here will be memorable.
Magruder High School is an overall good place to spend your four years at. At its best, it provides opportunities for various different students to take AP classes to prepare for college, but at its worst doesn't allow people to drop these classes, promoting negative mental health consequences.
The school is very diverse and the teachers are approachable and are always ready to hear the concerns of students and are willing to help students out.
The school does have its perks, but I wish the science department was better. On the other hand the English and History departments have great curriculums that helped with learning. School events are fun and there is definitely much of a social life.
This school has a strong academic department as well as strong programs. There are a lot of clubs and academies in the school. The teachers are very helpful and to the point in their teaching. The science department is one of the strongest. The facilities in the school is clean for the most part. However, vandalism is often found on bathroom stalls. The food is provided to the students but is not as healthy as it should be. The school is very diverse. The school is safe for the most part. However, a lot of fights occur throughout the school days. The students are hard to keep under control and the students often get off task in which some teachers have a hard time getting them to listen. Resources, such as textbooks, access to computers, as well as writin utensils, are provided for the students if needed.
Nice diversity, just rude staff, and bad budgeting. Issues with staff being rude always happened to EVERYONE. No funding for the arts, all goes to mediocre technology and sports.
Thankful for Magruder for allowing me to experience high school and allowing me to mature at the school. It has taught me much about the world and myself. One thing I would like to see change at Magruder are some of the teacher who just give out papers and don't teach. If administration could get on top of that, i could see Magruder improve greatly.
Magruder High School is a fairly small school compared to other schools in Montgomery County. The teachers are in general pretty good. They care about their students. Half of the school is outdated, and half is newer and was added on more recently.
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During my experience at Col. Zadok Magruder High School, I believe there are several reasons as to what made it a better school. For example, the teachers, administration, programs, and clubs they obtain are great. Although, the school is very old and poor and might need some remodeling.
Magruder High School is an amazing school for exploring the kind of person you want to be. There are a ton of different clubs to choose from and there is support to be found in every single one of them. As far as teachers go, you get the occasional dud but overall my teachers were passionate about their subject and went above and beyond to ensure understanding in the classroom. The facilities are a little rundown, especially bathrooms and sports areas, as it is an old school, but the technology available is up to date and useful. If you are a potential Magruder Colonel reading this I wish you best of luck and to be sure to get involved, this is a great school for school spirit!
I liked how diverse the school was pertaining to the students and the teachers. Also, how involved the staff are with the students athletically, academically, and personally.
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