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Colonel Crawford is an all around exceptional school. I would recommend someone going to Colonel Crawford any day. It’s a small, rural high school, but it provides more than adequate connection amongst teachers and students. I give CCHS a 4/5 stars, because there’s always room for improvement in life!
I think that the school has good administration and mostly good teachers that seem to care for their students. However school events are scarce the majority of the student body parties by underage drinking. I believe students need more school events like clash of the classes to stay out of trouble.
In regard to ethnic diversity it's laughable to think we have it. We're a bunch of white farm kids. That's all there is around though so it's not like the school is discriminatory.
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Just wanted to say how great Sociology and Psychology are at Crawford.
Our school doesn't have extraordinary safety measures, but in our case of a small farming school I don't think much is really needed.
I think the school is pretty safe. I don't feel threatened or scared at any part of the day. I feel we are doing a good job of keeping everything handled.
The extracurricular activities are really good. There are a wide variety from football, track, cross country, softball, baseball, and basketball. We also have students help set up for prom, help set up the stadium for homecoming, pep rallies, small stuff like that. We love to have fun gatherings in the gym for fun activities during certain parts of the year.
The staff puts on a lot of events and fun stuff for us to do. I mostly enjoyed help set up for prom, attending varsity boys basketball games, and varsity football games.
There isn't any other school I would rather go to. I enjoy going to school and the teachers try to help in any way possible.
We have a few big sports that are a huge deal like football. We're a small farming town meaning there isn't much diversity. We don't have soccer or tennis teams those are seen as wimpy city kid sports it's a miracle we even have an art club.
Overall I am glad I go to my school
Some are very good some teachers not so much but I feel you would experience that in any school
Many opportunities, from a variety of sports, to a number of clubs including FAA, FCCLA, Leo Club, Project Black,

Vision, Yearbook, Art Club, National Honor Society, etc.
I think it is one of the best because it is a smaller environment and a very supportive environment; there is plenty of opportunities to participate in anything you want to. You can get to know everyone.
Teachers create a good environment and give their best.
There are many extracurricular opportunities at this school. Besides sports students can get involved in various bands and clubs. Project BLACK is an elite club that the teachers chose the members. This club participates in various community service projects and puts on the annual talent show.
The teachers at Colonel Crawford are top notch. Most of them have the best interest of the students in mind. They are involved if they notice a student is slipping and getting them back on track. They notice if a student needs more to be challenged.
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This school has a no tolerance bullying policy. They have had several inspirational speakers regarding this topic.
Colonel Crawford is the best school in the area. The teachers and administration truly care about the success of the students.
We have a very fair school administration. They look out for the students and do what is best for them.
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