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Cohen College Prep was a 5 star school up until my senior year. Senior year Cohen was very low on teaching staff. It was very hard for me and my friends because teachers were absent in many core classes like Chemistry, U.S History, and Pre Calculus.
The attractive objective that makes me love my school is the great teachers that trains me.I have a great connection with my teachers and I planned to finish out my great school year a even better young man and more developed and equit for college.
The teachers at Cohen are amazing and are always ready to help you whether it be school related or personal. I'd like to see the time they give you to arrive at school longer. They open and close the doors within the span of 10 minutes and that isn't enough time.
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Cohen is a real college prep and family orientated person. I love Cohen and have been in the college prep network since I was in the fifth grade. If you are looking for a real high school experience in New Orleans, Cohen is your place. Cohen not only prepares you for college, they support you throughout getting to college.
I liked the school when i first started going there, because i was in the first graduating class of Cohen college prep high school i didn't really get an high school experience. So they need to work on that. They also need to work on making students study more.
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