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Cohasset High is NOT THAT GOOD OF A SCHOOL. The only reason why Cohasset performs reasonably well in the rankings is that it has a critical mass of privileged kids. The high school itself does not do anything special. Students are pushed through the system and are given inflated grades in order to make the school look better. There are a handful of caring and talented teachers, but they are far outnumbered by the mediocre. Cohasset is AWFUL at math, science, and technology education, as well as foreign language instruction. The school is overcrowded and class sizes in recent years have ballooned. There is minimal diversity and I would go so far to say that the student body is at least passively racist. Cohasset prioritizes sports over all else (and it's not even that good at sports!), meaning that there are minimal opportunities for students to succeed in other fields (debate, math, journalism). Stay away from Cohasset High. There are equally expensive towns with better schools.
Love Cohasset High School ! Great learning environment with great teachers. Students are happy and challenged .
They do NOT care about students mental health. When bullying does get reported they ignore it. Some teachers make you feel stupid and scare you. Legit hate this school. Every student I know want to leave it.
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Cohasset High School provides students with the tools they need to be successful in college as well as opportunities for every student to be involved in sports and clubs of their choice. It is very easy to start a club of your own if you would like to participate in something other than what is currently offered.
I would steer clear, don’t let the front that put on get you. At first Cohasset comes off as a great school but it isn’t, the middle school is an A+ but the high-school is a F. While their are some great caring teachers, the majority legit do not give a care in the world for their students. Many times the teacher gets up out of class and leaves, which is so weird. The head football coach, who is also the AP history teacher, was always very rude to me as a parent and when I would try to ask him questions he would respond with short cut “I’m in a rush” questions. From what I’ve watched the sports were quite bad and my sons teams got humiliated every year making the experience for him and us as spectators horrible. Their is also absolutely no diversity.
Cohasset High School is one of the strongest educations available. Excellent sports teams and clubs make every student part of the community. Students are able to find countless opportunities to be leaders and impact Cohasset and surrounding communities. Having lived my entire life in Cohasset I can say that it has strongly prepared me for college and life after high school.
As the town is ~97 % white the school lacks diversity. It has a MetCo program which busses intercity students (mostly of color) to our school. Although many members of the program had gone to school since kindergarten, there was clear segregation. I never witnessed direct bullying because of race; however, Cohasset's environment is such that non-African American/non-Black kids starting around eighth grade will use the n-word casually. They excuse it saying they would never use it around a black person. People also use words like fag and gay as insults constantly. The community is most often compared to a bubble, as many of the youth and families feel safe to excersize their prejudiced language and discrimination. As both a bisexual woman and a latina, I felt as though many of the community members lacked basic empathy and valued image over all else. There were limited opportunities to grow or even find exposure in non-sport activities. But my teachers were incredible!
A very tight-knit school with a lot of amazing academics. Lots of clubs and sports and easy to start your own club if you wanted to.
I was a Metco student at Cohasset High and I enjoyed my experience overall but I wish to see some changes before I can say I loved going to school there.
Cohasset High School was very good at preparing me for higher level education. The teachers are very passionate about what they teach. I was fortunate to play on two varsity sports teams: baseball and soccer. My experiences from both teams will be very memorable for Cohasset Athletics has been very successful over the past years. Overall, my experience was very good. Between the clubs/ activities, academics, and athletics offered, I am very proud to have graduated from this school.
Academics are very good. Teachers are very good. Clubs & Activities are very good. School Culture is very good. Administration is very good. Food is very good.
I have had a great experience at Cohasset High; students are friendly, teachers are supportive; sports teams are successful!
I wish CHS facilities had been upgraded like other towns around us. Also, the school could do better at preparing students for the SAT.
I feel fortunate to go to school here and I love the culture of the school. There is always healthy competition, between academics, sports, and extracurricular clubs. The school is immaculately clean, and the sports facilities and fields are in tremendous shape.
Cohasset high School is a small suburban town off of the beach. I do not think there is a better education I could have received going to a public school. Having a small grade can have its pros and cons, but it allows you to get to know everyone on a personal level. It makes working together in sports, clubs, and in classes much easier.
One thing I would like to see change about Cohasset High School is the diversity. Whether it is opening up the METCO program for more students to be allowed to attend this district, or more families of color living in the town and going to the school. My overall experience in Cohasset was great, I made many friendships throughout the years that I hope to keep throughout college, and longer.
Cohasset High School is at the front of the pack when it comes to college readiness. While there may not be a "diverse' population in the town itself, the high school is a part of the Boston METCO program and buses in kids from all different backgrounds and diversities from the city to go to school in Cohasset.
It is an academically challenging school. If you are a dedicated student and enjoy sports you will thrive.
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All of our children are graduates. The data on which this web site bases scoring is flawed. The building houses a part of a middle school in addition to the 4 grades in high school. In our 22 years here the mean population of the high school grades is between 350-390. In recent years it shows a tendency towards a calculated mean of 400. The school historically lose almost ha;f the students when student move to grade 9. This web site and others use the total student population of the building and are therefore comparing apples and oranges metaphorically. The common space of the middle and high school is a single corridor. Other data demonstrates that CHS is one of 7 STEM schools ranked nationally that re in the Commonwealth (See US News and Newsweek). Last year's graduating class(2016) sent 20 graduates to top 50 colleges. Do the math!The AP rate is therefore almost twice the quoted since you use courses vs pupils to obtain your rate.
Overall, an average school system; the school's success is more the result of being in an affluent community. Weaknesses are absolutely foreign languages and STEM; computer science and engineering classes are rarely - if ever - offered. Extremely sports-oriented to the point that many school clubs (e.g. newspaper, math team) are more or less ignored or abandoned altogether. Incredibly homogeneous (white and Protestant overwhelmingly), but generally not intolerant.
i go to a great college. i have the skills to get a good job
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