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I love coffee High! It’s made me such a better person as well as student. All of the teachers and staff are amazing and they all prepare us to do our best. I would like to see some of the parents get more involved with our school.
Coffee High School has an amazing AP program. They more than help equip me for my college career. The AP teachers were passionate about their jobs and truly enjoyed teaching. I have nothing but gratitude for the dedication and passion they had to make learning fun and interesting. I felt motivated and eager to learn under their leadership.
I like how the teacher show respect toward the students and other at the school. My experience are excellent because the teachers and staff will help you if you need help.
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It's a typical high school. I really like the teachers, but I wish there were more classes to choose from on campus.
My experience with Coffee County High School has been good in some ways and not so good in others. I adore how the staff and facilities try to help a student out and how they talk one on one with students. The only thing I would say that needs to be improved are the lunches. I have never been a fan of the school’s food
This school is overall pretty good in my opinion. There are some things that frustrate me. The school pushes AP classes and doesn't give dual enrollment credit. Even if someone gets a degree they will not get as much recognition as someone who has take 3 AP classes.
Overall it is a pretty good school. There are some classes that need updated textbooks because the current ones are very used and damaged. They have great facility and staff with the expection of a few, but that is no different than many schools.
I just graduated in May 2018. Coffee High is a great school to attend. The Coffee High Trojans football team made it to state in 2017-2018 school year. Once a Trojan - always a Trojan.
CHS is a great place for a student to attend! The teachers there are excellent and push students to their greatest potential.
My experience here was very memorable. I like the dedication teachers show when are teaching because they want each student to understand what is being discussed. Another thing I liked about Coffee County High School is how it offers the students to enroll in college classes, so they can get a start into reaching their career. One thing I would change would be the school's security. I believe that it is important to increase the security in our schools so that no tragedy would ever occur.
I love the teachers. The diversity among students is really good. We need better student counselors.
Coffee High School is a great place to learn! From my experience, most teachers know exactly what to teach and how to teach it. There's not much that I would change about the school. One of my only problems is that you only have 5 minutes to change classes. Since we have many students at our school, the halls get extremely crowded in some areas and it is hard to work through them. Sometimes, 5 minutes is not enough time to get across the school. Overall, I think the school is great!
Despite the disgusting food the cafeteria served, I am thankful for the teachers and coaches. I had a wonderful educational experience with this school system. I do recommend others in the area to attend. This school is far from perfect, but has a lot of help and support all around it.
They motivate you to learn and try as hard as you can. The principle always reads a motivational phrase that someone famous has said before. They provide tons of clubs and scholarships for the students. They make you feel safe and they always provide the materials you need in order to learn.
Very few teachers actually care about students. We are encouraged to go straight into dual enrollment classes and discouraged from taking AP courses that could give us a better chance at College.
I so far have had an okay experience at this school. However, they need to take the spotlight off the sports and shine it on the academics offered there. I am glad to say that the teachers are great and the AP courses offered are rigorous.
Coffee High School is a great school the environment is great. The teacher have respect for their colleagues and their students.Coffee High has great teachers and other workers.
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Coffee High is a great place. I love the students and teachers there in which it feels like home. Everyone has the courage to help one another out. I would love to see Coffee High come out with ACT and SAT classes for students who are struggling.
Loved the school nice quality education. Would love to see more fun events for students. When i attended the school everyone is very know because of the small city. Football is very know of that school. I also would like to see them pay as much attention to other sports as well as football , many student would agree when i say this.
Needs More food choices, Seniors should have more opportunities more field trips.
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