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Coffee County Central High School Reviews

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I like the faculty and staff, academics, clubs and activities, safety, school culture, sports, food, resources, parent involvement, and music and arts.
I have gone here for four years and they have never been the best or the worst. Recently, I would like them to improve on their communication and interaction with the students, the lunches, and the teaching staff.
You learn a lot from this school. You learn who your friends are and who to talk to and who to not talk too. There are good academics.
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I liked having teachers that would always be there to support you, and help you out through your school year. We have a variety of classes that are helpful to successful students. The only extremely poor thing about our school is that the safety is extremely bad. Most of our classrooms do not have walls or doors it’s open with folding walls. The only thing that they are trying to improve is by having SRO’s in all of our schools, and they have built a secure entrance to enter the high school building.
I would not trade my time at CCCHS for anything. We do not have much money, however, we make the best of what we do have.
The school in itself definitely prepares the kids into adulthood and college, but may lack the required resources to do so. There are only a select few Advanced Placement classes available, and even less Dual Credit or Dual Enrollment courses. Overall, the highschool serves its primary purpose: teach kids the basic fundementals while also serving as a mentor for what the local colleges will contain.
Coffee County Central High School has been a great influence in my life. They have helped influence me as to what I want to do as well as push me to do and be the best I can be with amazing influences and teachers.
Many programs of study for each route of future careers available. Have to fill up for 7 class periods. Requirements for graduation are very strict. Dress code is mostly strict.
My experience so far at Coffee County Central High School has not been very good so far. The teachers do not teach very well and my math teacher is never here. There is always some drama that the whole school somehow gets involved in and quite honestly, it is tiring. Although, the school has it's good parts, the food is great, and it is an everyone knows everyone kind of school.
I am a student at this school and love the environment. The teachers do their jobs to the best of their abilities everyday and enjoy what they do. The school itself is laid out to help students find their way to each and class and helps them in their progress to becoming a student at the next level.
I just recently graduated from Coffee County Central High. I spent my sophomore thru senior year there. I loved this school! I made so many connections with teachers and administrators that I will have for the rest of my life. I always felt as though they were there if I ever/when I needed them. Their dedication contributed greatly to my success. I knew they truly cared.
I think the only thing I would want to change would be how students perceive school in itself. Although I know this is almost impossible to achieve, I know if you positively influence the perception of high school as a whole the overall experience and results will increase in positivity as well.
CCHS is a decent school for the middle of the south. It's not perfect by no means but if you take the right classes and do what you are suppose to do you can graduate with a breeze.
My experience with Coffee County Central High School has been an excellent one and I am grateful for the chance to attend to this school.
I didn't always live in Coffee County, but when I moved here during my first year of high school, I was welcomed like I had always been here. Great environment and friendly staff. <3
Our food is not the best, but it is better than nothing. I have been on our school dance team for four years.
My experience with Coffee County Central High School has been pretty decent. Most of the teachers actually want to teach you and tries to help you the best to their abilities. My main down fall with the school is how unruly a bunch of kids are. However, you’ll get that in every high school out there.
Coffee County has a very traditional and community-oriented environment. Athletics as well as academics are very important to the staff and students at the school. The support is welcoming as soon as you walk in the door whether you are a new student or teacher that has been there for 20 years. The small town that houses the school provides for a family-like feel to the hallways at Coffee County.
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It was a great school, just wished they had more classes for different program of studies. The Art classes are amazing, I was in Visual Arts, Band and Theater.
The honors, AP and duel credit classes are very good. The teachers care about their students, especially if they put forth effort in their class.
The school is right next to a landfill filled with methane gas. Over all though the teachers only cared about those they knew on a personal level. I graduated but just barely, as I wasn't ever the teachers pet.
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