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Couer d'Alene High School is overall a pretty good school. They have some really amazing teachers and involved students. Since I've been there, they have always really encouraged the students to get involved in what ever they can weather that's sports, the arts, or just spirit activities. They have also been handling the Covid-19 situation very well. A lot of the teachers are very nice. They are understating of extra-curriculars and home life. A large amount of the students participate in spirit weeks/days. It's really nice to both our staff and students unite through them, like blue days every Friday.
Coeur d Alene high-school is very nourishing when it comes to helping out kids. I honestly feel like they always have the kids best interests at hand. We don't have a good diversity, the teachers, in my personal opinion, are outstanding. Not only do they teach the kids at a personal level, but they truly care about there students. Our theater department is amazing. We have won through the district for I believe it to be 8 years now.
Coeur D'Alene High School had amazing teachers and staff. Every teacher I had there wanted me to succeed and knew me on a personal level. No teacher left a kid behind and I think the staff did a very good job of controlling students behavior and bullying. I believe that "once a viking, always a viking" is a true logo for CHS. The school and its students show a lot of pride and have raised a lot of money for the school. A school with motivated students who love and admirer their school and its staff, is a great school.
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It's an alright school. However, if I had kids, I wouldn't send them there. It's difficult to fit in and find teachers that care about their students, rather than just seeing them as a number on a roster.
I think it is a very toxic learning environment, there is only a small amount of teachers that I think truly believe and support in the students there. This is my personal opinion and beliefs but after going there for a while its easy to notice how toxic and draining it is.
The classes available at the school don't help the students for the future. The counseling department is supposed to help us with classes and college but I don't feel like there always there. Half the time our own teachers don't know whats going on when the students ask. Admin doesn't want to branch out and they keep the old ways strong and doesn't want changed which its then hard to pass themes and new activities. Other than that the school is a friendly and close community.
I moved to Idaho the summer before my Junior year and have now been at CHS for two years. No school is perfect, but I have honestly had an amazing experience at this school. Some of the best teachers I have ever had have been here. These teachers genuinely love their students and the subjects they teach, which makes all the difference in the classroom. The large majority of teachers, staff, and students here are so kind and helpful.
I did not like the communication for opportunities outside of school. There would be many fun events that I would hear about after they happened that I would have been interested in if my school had mentioned them in the announcements or something.
I did enjoy almost every one of my teachers. There was something to learn from each class I took, and my teachers were very involved in making sure that each student had what they needed to get the most out of their classes.
I think Coeur d'Alene High School is full of a staff that cares about their students and a learning environment that promotes personal growth and learning.
At Coeur D' Alene High school, The overall community was a great environment to go through high school in. It was nice to have such a tight knit family that you knew no matter where you ended up, someone would be proud of you. The only thing I would change is the diversity, and the certain cultures that go on inside the school among students. The sometimes hateful speech, and rumors were enough to make someone too sick to their stomach. It broke may heart having to see people get made fun of, or to overhear extremely hateful comments in the hallways. This taught me to always say something and have other people's backs.
Coeur d’Alene High School creates an awesome atmosphere for all those who attend every day. So many teachers and administrators that genuinely care about each and every students’ high school experience.
CDA High School is an excellent school for a wide variety of students. Staff are extremely dedicated to ensuring each child gets the attention they deserve.
It has a great, safe environment. I really love the staff and administrators, they are super friendly and know how to do their job. Also the school colors are the best!
I enjoyed my time at Coeur d'Alene High School! The only thing I would recommend fixing is the advising department. I remember it was always stressful to plan my classes and future plans because the advising department was always so busy.
Academically this high school is amazing. Teachers are attentive and know what they are talking about. The staff works to bring the students together and makes sure to be there when the students need them. While I attended, we faced many tragedies, but as a school, we worked through them together and I would say it is a pretty strong, confident school. However, the spirit is lacking. Still waiting for the class that can pull CDA High School out of its quietness. Sports are very strong though.
I have spent the last 4 years at Coeur d Alene High School. I have been active in my school's softball program, Deca and French Club. I have excelled at CHS due to the high caliber of teachers at my school, who have encouraged my in both the classroom and on the field to be the best that I can be.
Coeur d’Alene High School is an all around amazing school with many recorded to go to and extra help if needed! It has a reputation that goes back more than 50 years and a school that i live going too.
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Overall, the staff is very nice. The only problem with that school is the environment. It is very preppy, and definitely financially separated.
Coeur d'Alene High School is a very good school to attend. I have loved my four years here. The school offers tons of different after school activities, clubs, and sports. You can find just about any club here at CHS. They also are very involved in school spirit with spirit weeks and assemblies that hype people up for sports games.
All the teachers are very supportive and push all students to do their best and have big goals, they walk you through applying for colleges and have many counselors to help you through anything.
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