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Challenging but fair with teachers who care about students and the subjects they teach. Encourage studies but also have other events frequently.
This school has a message of saying that we will get you kid ready for college and they will get into the most prestigious of colleges. The school yes prepares you for the college compared to most other public schools that dont do this as well. With that being said it is very difficult to actually get into the school you want to since the classes are so messed up. Having a bad gpa at a school is not good and colleges dont care where you went to school. So its a paradox of saying your prepared for college where then you cant even get into the college you want because of its standards. You are better of going to a public school where you can get into the college of your dreams and then work hard in that college and learn how everything works.
Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy is a college-preparatory school that provides students with quality education, and goes above and beyond the standard public school learning environment. The courses are more challenging overall, and they are filled with hard working students who want to succeed. The population is smaller than the surrounding public schools, and it is relatively isolated from drugs and violence.
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Charter is an amazing school that provides amazing opportunities for all of its students. The uniforms and homework policies even the playing field and everyone must work hard. The teachers tend to all provide difficult classes but offer help whenever you need it and are gracious and understanding. If I could change anything it would be to add more classes and more teachers but I understand that that is out of the school’s hands because of low funding.
Charter is a very tough school if you want to be that A student. It prepares everyone well for college classes, but that's really it. It's a school that best fits those who are naturally bright to some extent, but also those who are willing to work hard. It's not a hands on learning school by any means, but I did come out being almost the top student of every class at North Idaho College when I dual enrolled. Playing sports while taking on this school, is even more challenging.
I have been a student at the Coeur' Alene Charter Academy since 6th grade. I am a senior this year and I have enjoyed my experience at the Academy. The first year was challenging as the school is all about college prep. However, I learned great study habits, I was challenged academically, and I was inspired by some really good teachers in math and science.
I think there is alway room for improvement at the Charter Academy. The facilities and activities could be improved, but the the most important aspects of the school are very good - academics, teachers, and a safe school.
I learned a lot, was challenged academically, and became motivated to go on to college next year and pursue my goal as a Neurosurgeon.
Thank you for your consideration.
Luke Kendra
Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy is a great school for students with academic interests. The school gives many options for higher level classes (AP and Honors) for students with interests in specific subjects, as well as offering a variety of activities such as Academic Team, Speech and Debate, Model United Nations and more. One couldn't ask for a more dedicated group of teachers. All teachers are very knowledgeable in their respective fields, and dedicate generous amounts of time to the school's extracurricular activities.
Known for its rigorous college preparatory curriculum, Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy shines as the most difficult high school option in Idaho. Posted scores show that Charter students score high above the average SAT, PSAT, and ISAT scores. The teachers specialize in creating a college-like curriculum that often extends above and beyond university classes.
An amazingly challenging yet rewarding academic atmosphere. If you are serious about education and challenging yourself, this is a top notch school!
Charter is a super hard school. Not very easy to balance academic work and sports with it, but it's not impossible. It's easier if you start at a younger grade rather than starting in a high school year. Honestly, it really does prepare you for college.
CDA Charter gets a bad reputation. All of the teachers are hard working and want students to succeed. Though not one is perfect, there is plenty to learn from anyone available.
It's a tough school and it's not for everyone. My gripe with it is the fact that they expect perfection and don't take kindly to failure, which is one of the greatest teachers in the world. Not to mention that most kids that graduate from there get burned out from education that college and other things tend to become a drag.
I will be a CDA Charter School Graduate of 2018. I am going into college and the least of my worries is the expected rigorous academics. This is school is presented as extremely difficult and daunting, but after a year, you get the feel for the school and you meet people (teachers or alumni) that you will remember and appreciate. I have no regrets for going to this school, and I would highly recommend it to challenge-seeking students.
Everyone is focused strictly on academics here. Our class size is about 70 students, and we all have known each other since the sixth grade. We are competitive in many areas but Charter allows us to have equal opportunity in all areas. Because this is a college-prep school, there is little to no bullying, as everyone is focused on academics and supportive of one another on getting into colleges.
This school is the most rigid and religious school in town. I'm autistic, and there were no special education programs or accommodations for me. I'm also an atheist and this school does tend to get a little bit on the religious side.
The CDA Charter Academy provides students with the challenging course materials necessary to prepare them for college. However, this rigorous education is not for everyone.
The students and staff are all very personable. The uniform policy keeps kids from getting picked on because of their clothes. The teachers and counselors make you feel comfortable and it's easy to talk to them if you need help with anything. If you are having trouble with a subject, the teacher will devote extra time to either tutor you themselves, or find a tutor who can help you raise your grades. Overall, I love this school, and I wouldn't change a thing.
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The Coeur D'Alene Charter Academy is an absolutely stellar educational system which I feel prepared me extremely well for my further endeavors such as higher education and career. It also provided a comfortable and community environment for each student to grow and learn in the way that suited them best.
The Coeur d' Alene Charter Academy has provided me with a rigorous, college-ready education. Having recieved an education from this institution, I have developed study skills and a new outlook on my future education. Though I have seen the school change in some drastic ways, there still remains loyal teachers and administrative individuals.
Charter Academy is an amazing college preparatory school. The academics are rigorous but definitely doable; however, it is the people that make it so great. Students are focused on school, so there is not as much drama or sketchy stuff going on. People can be themselves without getting bullied or teased. Charter is a small school, so you know everybody there which is really nice. I would definitely recommend attending this school.

***Note: Charter Academy is not a reform school. If you are sending your kid here to get them in line, they will not do well. Only send your child if they want to come.
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